Commentary - Earth - Planet on Edge

Uploaded by JCVdude on 06.03.2011

(Quote)We have also been given a choice to change our ways.
In other words, we were hear to shepherd or steward the earth
To be responsible for a higher consciousness
And we've become so far from the creator, so distant from the source
distant from the source, distant from the source
distant from the source, distant from the source
distant from the source, distant from the source
distant from the source, distant from the source (end quotes)
Our little blue and green planet, drifing through space.
Man, the final frontier! Can you imagine?
Can you imagine that NASA is now talking about trips to Mars?
How far we're going to go? I mean it's amazing when you think about the history of this planet.
If you believe Evolution - Darwin, we came down from the trees and evolved into these upright walking
intelligent homosapiens - Thinking man.
If you believe the Bible, we've been created in the image of God. Adam and Even
Just 10,000 years ago. I mean how far we've come.
2000 years ago, mankind was feeding Christians to the lions as part of a sporting event.
600 years ago, it was thought that the planet was flat.
If you sailed long enough, you'd fall of the edge.
200 years ago, slavery was an accepted practice because
there were people on this earth that were not as developed as the other people were. They were sub-human.
You could go and capture them and treat them like animals.
In 1960 in Canada, is when women got the vote.
It's been a long road getting to where we are & I am not proud as a human being
of the position that we have accomplished
because we are not the supreme being on this planet.
Because if anything, we have shown the ultimate stupidity.
Here in Canada, we're so high and mighty.
We have a great standard of living. We care about our people and we give to charities whenever we can help
people around the world.
But at the same time, our Government, which has rightfully stopped the use of asbestos around Canada
I mean you can't use it. It's not available
Canada sells it to 3rd world countries, because those people need it.
They don't know any better.
It's been shown on News that when the asbestos arrives
It's all through the air as it's being unloaded from the ships into warehouses
But that doesn't matter.
We ship our waste, our old ships over to India to be disassembled.
People lose their lives and limbs.
And there's a lot of polution caused by it.
But that's OK, because it's not on our soil.
But we're not alone in this.
America, the bastion of democracy & freedom sells weapons around the world.
Sometimes to opposing forces.
Because it's all about money. Money & greed.
Again, it's not only America.
You see what's happening in Lybia, Egypt. There's tyrants all over the world.
This is the 21st Century Intelligence. This is how far that we have evolved.
And it even gets worse because we are so lost in our ways.
But the very home that we depend on - this planet earth - We are poisoning.
(quote) This might fly, but that means it's on you. They're all going to come after you now.
And not just the mob - Politicians, Journalists, Cops. Anyone whose wallet is about to get lighter.
You up to it?(end quote) (music)
And the time will come when it will not be inhabitable by man.
70% of this planet is made up of oceans.
We use it for dumping out sewage and garbage into.
Hey there's so much of it, who's going to know?
There's been times when radioactive waste has been put into steel & concrete barrels
and sunk into the deepest trenches
because hey, it's very deep. It's miles & miles down there - Who knows.
The French, the Bikini Atoll, nuclear testing in the water - BOOM!!
Big nuclear blasts.
It's far away and the people that lived on Bikini Atoll well they could be picked up and moved away
because they were Islanders. They were Islanders.
What are they going to do? --- just move them.
Canada has moved it's Artic population out of many areas because there's oil and other things happening.
And the Eskimos, they can be moved
There's going to be a valley flooded because of hydro electric projects
We just move the people out of there.
Great rivers like the St. Lawrence River are polluted with Mercury
We are supposed to be intelligent --- and we're far from it.
I'm really troubled when I hear on the news about sharks.
It's estimated that up to 70 Million sharks are butchered each year, for their fins.
Now, even whale sharks are being killed
And think about this. The sharks are pulled out of their watery environment
onto a boat and often, while they're alive, they have their fins cut off
And the rest of the carcus is thrown back into the ocean.
That's not human development. We haven't come far.
We have no compassion, no caring. It's all about greed and money.
And as long as long as it stays about that, we will never accomplish or go as far as we can as human beings.
I'm really really troubled because I do believe that the end
Think of the earth being on a big teeter-totter, and it's teetering between the survival of mankind
and life on earth. I believe we're tilting to the point of no return, if we haven't already reached it.
And I know that there are many people out there
And the majority of people on this planet want to see life thrive, want to see things going good
Want to see wildlife, nature preserved
And yet our voice is not being heard.
There's nothing uniting us. We're not together.
It's a very sad event
for some strange reason, and it's not that it's a bad event, it's getting worse.
Greed is driving. I'm really appalled to see that food has become a commodity traded by traders.
These peole put absolutely no value to the price of food, oil or anything.
They flip things to make a profit adding nothing to it's value.
And Governments allow it. Canadian Government, American Government.
It's only the French that have spoken up and wanted to take commodities off the trading stock markets
And Canada and the US and other countries oppose it
because of GREED --- Imagine
Wheat has gone up 60% in the last few months.
All food stocks are going up because 'I can make a profit on it'
And it doesn't matter how those other people will survive.
How can our planet survive with people like this?
It's going to be time for all of us to stand together and take the planet back.
Demand changes in our Governments and in how our Governments govern.
If not, they we are nothing more than morons
And perhaps, it's time to climb back into the trees.
At least, that's the way I see it.