Kveldskos (with English subtitles!)

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A Cozy Evening
I have to say Gerhart.. This dinner was superb!
No need to thank me, Ørnulf! Anne’s the one who's been making food all day!
Yes, and Gerhart has just been sitting on the couch watching football!
Oddbjørg and I got up early today to go to that open house.
It was fantastic, Anne! Big kitchen, huge living room with a fireplace and a loft, -
- and four bedrooms! The kids will have one room each, and we'll still have a spare guestroom!
The location is also worth mentioning. It’s a two-minute walk to the pier and the sailboat, -
- and only a ten minutes ride to down town, both ways!
Yes, but it’s perhaps a bit pricey?
Pricey, schmicey.. I got a great offer from the bank! If I get an annuity loan right now, -
- I can freeze the interest rate at only four and half percent for five years.
That way the payments will stay fairly cheap. I won't even have to pay the establishment fee or register fee!
There's no question then! Go for it!
- You think so? - Absolutely!
Well, since it's from a successful businessman, I guess I'll do it!
Are you serious, Ørnulf? Are you, really?
Congratulations, Oddbjørg!
Speaking of business; How's your company doing, Gerhart?
Just wonderful! I recently negotiated an agreement with a German company, -
- and we're doing a very extensive marked analysis of our products!
You should focus much more on advertising!
Advertising? Are you sure?
Yes! I work in that industry!
You have no idea of how much useless crap we're able to fool people into buying!
Yeah, but we want to provide people with good products they actually need..
Quit living in the past, Gerhart!
You have to FOOL people into BELIEVING that they need your products.
Oh, well..
YES-YES-YES! Advertising, advertising, advertising, advertising!
Just look at the way Adolf Hitler used propaganda during the 30's.
That's exactly what we do! We employ our propaganda; advertising. -
- to pound our capitalistic way of life into the minds of our fellow human beings. -
- so that we can exploit them as slaves, and they're not even aware of it!
- It's much easier than you think.. - Yeah, humanity is such a sheep herd!
- Hey, Anne? - Yes?
That bernaise sauce we just had.. Was there anything extra in it?
So you noticed? I added some preserved fennel and a pinch of cayenne pepper.
Jolly! Only that..? By the way.
I read an article last night about swingers.
Swingers? What's that?
Well, that's when couples have open sexual relationships.
Like how?
That they're sharing their partners.. Sexually.
Uhm. As if I was to have sex with Anne, and you with Gerhart?
Yes, for instance..
Well, that might be a good idea, wouldn't it?
Yes! That sounds really exciting!
Well yes, but what if the four of us had sex with each other, at the same time!
Yeah! So while Gerhard is hammering you over from behind, -
- I can pound the crap out of Anne's ass while you're face-grinding!
No! No no!
I wanna be fucked hard in both my cunt and my ass while I'm eating out Oddbjørgs beaver!
Oh yes.. Fantastic!
Yes, but can't we just do both?
Well, of course!
Another way we can do it, is that Ørnulf fucks Anne, -
- with me eating out Gerhart's poop hole while he's force-feeding Anne with his giant cock!
My, how creative you are, baby!
Heheh! Thanks..
At the end you'll stand in front of me and Anne while we're groping and smooching -
- and hose us down in sweet, warm cream, which we'll swap back and forth until it's all consumed..
Oh Lord, that sounds so exciting! Or what do you say, Gerhart?
Are you OK, honey?
Is there anything wrong, Gerhart?
Aren't you gonna join your friends for some foursome?
I can't..
But why not?
I can't say it in front of them!
Come on then, old chump!
We have nothing to hide from each other, do we?
We're all friends here, Gerhart!
I've got AIDS..
Oh my God!
But.. But how..?
Well, I..
How come?
I only had to pay 50 kroner for it.
So you're homosexual?
Ooooh, far from it!
There's nothing more macho than to wrap your lips around, -
- a huge, solid dong?
But if you're not gay, why haven't you made love to me since November?
You were pregnant.
Yes, but I 've been open to sex during my pregnancy!
Yeah, but I was a bit weird, you know..?
Okay honey, I understand.
I've been nailing you a little when you've been asleep..
- WHAT?! - Relax!
- I haven't done it in two months. - Thank God!
Gotta get them while they're young!
But Gerhart. AIDS?
Yes, I know..
But I've learned to live with it for seven months now.
Well, I'm sorry, honey. I just didn't have the heart to tell you.
What is it, Ørnulf?
Eer, well, uuh..
There is something I haven't told you too, Gerhart..
I've been having an affair.
WHAT? With who?!
- With me, Gerhart! - What?!
I'm so sorry, baby. I can't help it..
I'm one randy pervert of a man.
But then you've infected me too!
Oh my God, what have I done?!
Gerhart, it's OK! We forgive you..
No, it's not that! But Anne.. Our boy.
Who, Even?
Which one of them is that now?
The youngest!
No, the other one..
Yeah, I gave him blowjob as well.
WHAT?! Have you sucked off our 11 year old son?!
Damn, you've been a busy dick muncher.
- What about Even? - Eer, who?
The youngest! Have you sucked him off as well?
No, he just watched..
Oh, thank Heavens.
I've done it to Oscar too.
- You blew my DOG?! - Couldn't help it.
So.. Well..
Hold on! So this means that we all have AIDS?
Yeah.. And that means..
- We can have a foursome after all! - Hurray!
- So what do you say now, Gerhart? - Well alright then!
Super duper!
Maybe you can bring some items from your store then?
Yes! Bring that huge, pink double-edged dildo, the nipple clamps, -
- and that strap-on dildo. I'm gonna fucking destroy your wife!
Why don't you bring your little boys along with you?
They might want to spend some quality time with their folks before you pass away.
Sure! And bring Oscar. You know, for fun!
That's a wrap! Cheers friends!
The End