Excel V001: Charting with Microsoft Excel

Uploaded by engrcomputing on 10.04.2012

Hello, welcome to charting with Microsoft Excel. We have collected some data on a projectile
motion experiment and we know the height of the object as a function
of time and would like the plot that
data. The first thing you do when you would like to plot the day would be to select the data
and then click the insert a ribbon and we would like to insert a chart. In most cases in engineering and physics we like to use scatter
plots and we have five different choices and in this case since the data was collected we'd like to use the data points only option
When we do that Microsoft Excel inserts a chart onto our worksheet. The first thing that would like to
do when working with charts is always move my charts to a new sheet.
And to do that you right click on the chart and this menu pops up and I want to slide down to the Move Chart option.
Select Move Chart. Click new sheet, and I can give this chart a name.
Projectile Motion Data
and then click OK and
Microsoft excel moves that chart to a new sheet.
I don't like the general format that Microsoft excel gives me for charting.
So I would like to update that format
In Excel 2010 any feature that you double click on opens the format box up for that feature.
For example if I would like to update the range.
If I double click on the x-axis
it opens the format axis options, and I can select the maximum
Instead of being 3.5, I can select 3.0, and select the fixed radio button.
and hit enter and it changes my axis. I could also do the same thing for the y-axis, but I think I'll leave it the same.
The second thing I like to do, now that I have set my range and domain is I would like
close this plot area border.
And I do that by double clicking on the plot area.
and selecting the border color and selecting solid line.
selecting color and choosing black and then clicking OK, and that will add the black border.
Microsoft Excel also has a Chart Border
which puts a border around the chart area
and I can see this border by going to the page layout
selecting the page layout button here
and then clicking print preview
and I'll notice that Microsoft Excel puts this border around the outside of my chart.
I would like to remove that border
So if I go back to the home tab.
I can see my chart. To remove order I double click out here on the chart area.
I select border color.
no line and then click close and that removes the border.
I would like to insert X and Y axis titles. To do that I go to the layout tab or layout ribbon.
underneath chart tools and select the axis titles button. I will start with a horizontal axis or the x-axis.
I'd like to insert that title below the axis.
I would also like the same thing for the y-axis axis titles (vertical axis) and I would like to put in a rotated title here.
Now that I've added axis titles, I would like to have format the charts and I can use it in an external document like Microsoft word
And from experience I know that if I select the axis title and go to the home tab I can change the font.
I would like to axis title fonts to 16. And my x-axis title also to 16.
I'd also like to select the x-axis and make it 14 point and the y-axis 14 point.
Now for this data set. Since I only have one data set. I do not need the legend. And so if I select the legend I can just hit the delete key
and it will remove the legend.
Finally, let's talk about the formatting the data points.
Now since this is data collected I would it as data points. If I double click
and I can select the entire data set.
Or I could double click on a data set and it will open up the format data series.
And notice when did this all the data series was selected.
I could go to the marker options and change to built in, and change to circles if I like. Maybe make the size 5 point.
And then click close
and notice I have a very nice and the data points.
Finally, I need to update axis titles.
I do this last to allow Microsoft Excel to preserve as much of the chart formatting as possible.
I am always sure to include units.
After I have completed this I have a very nicely formatted chart.