Green Day 1LIVE radio interview (With Subtitles)

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You're listening to 1LIVE, and in background...
♪ Oh yeah, sit on my lap. Ooh yeah. ♪
Very dirty song [Ayo Technology], by Milow here.
65 million albums sold worldwide. Last tour American Idiot 2004–2005
was the 3rd most successful rock tour of the decade.
Now they're back with a new album, with me in the studio, welcome to Green Day!
You applaud yourselves, I like this. You were away for a long time, where did you hide?
The translator asks directly twice. Where were you for so long, Billie?
You know, after the last tour we took a couple years just to write songs
and kind of let the songs evolve.
It's coming up now on 21st Century Breakdown.
Like the previous one, this album is like a rock opera with 2 main characters. You tell a story.
Do you see a difference with American Idiot? Is it a sequel or where does it take you?
It's based on two characters.
This record is based on Gloria who is the main character, and Christian.
I think, there is not really a linear story that goes along with it.
It's more like they sort of reflect sort of the...
They symbolize different things that we're kind of struggling through.
Especially like living in America right now, through the different crises every week.
There's light at the end of the tunnel, the story of your album doesn't end darkly.
Yes, there is a shiny, big, bright light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel.
I like to think there is some hope.
You raise your voice in your songs. If you were politicians, what would you do first?
— My career. — Yeah, make a career.
I would never wanna be a politician... I like to think of ourselves as a good comedian.
We always have some kind of commentary.
It can be funny, and it can be really serious at the same time.
You hear now your new single « Know Your Enemy ». Who is actually the enemy that we should know about?
I think the enemy could be your own complacency
and being satisfied with the way things are, and yet still frustrated.
Or it could be anything from prescription drugs to the people in power in your government.
Some kind of revolt in mind. And it can be fun, too.
Here is Green Day with « Know Your Enemy ». You stay with me for a while.
Rock your body!
Do you wanna switch seats and then put this in front of you?
I'm okay, just keep it for us both.
Do the Belgian Dip.
♪ Oh ay, oh ay. Oh ay, oh ay. ♪
It's a cool graphic.
Cool atmosphere in the studio. Here with me: Green Day.
This was « Know Your Enemy », first single from the new album « 21st Century Breakdown ».
You took quite some time for this. However, you appeared as Foxboro Hottubs.
How important to you are those side projects? Do they even still exist in parallel?
Foxboro Hottubs, you know...
That was just a great time, we just drank a lot of alcohol
and wrote about 10 songs in one night. And we then decided to do a tour
and dress up in fur coats and act like total morons. It was great.
Tré Cool is simply only nodding. Mike, you've got a Café near Berkeley.
This is one of your side projects. There is a steak called « Kerplunk Steak ». What is it?
— I believe... — Have you ever tried it out?
— It's a Schniedelwutz. [German slang for Penis] — A Schniedelwutz steak, what is this?
If you eat a Kerplunk Steak, it's bound to make you Dookie.
I don't even actually know what that is, but I do know that we're open really late.
You can go in, get coffee at midnight or 1 AM, and beer.
There is really nothing else like that in our neighborhood.
It doesn't sound like you were often there yourself, Mike, I must say.
You know, I do. I just try not to eat diner food too often.
— They do serve Guinness on tap, though. — In the morning.
Do you have any special food request when you're on tour? Or you don't care?
— I don't know... Beers, waters. — Liquids for Cheeches.
Tequila, lemons, tonic, and then I'm happy. That's about it.
And pot.
— No, I don't know what you mean. — I don't know anything!
You were born in Frankfurt. You know some words in German.
In the 90s, you played squats in Germany too. What's your relationship with Germany?
I don't know, this is somehow some home away from home for me.
Even though I don't really understand any German other than a few dirty words.
Is it really true?
— You want me to say the dirty words? — I just want that you feel like home here.
Your tour starts in June, and you're coming by us too.
But, very important, you're here before in exclusivity
for our exclusive radio show, this Saturday at the E-Werk in Cologne.
You pig. Sorry, I have to say that. Mike just burped very loud here!
Will you play a lot of material from the new album on Saturday?
— We'll start off with « Rock Your Body ». — From Justin Timberlake.
We're gonna play a lot of new material.
Like stuff people haven't heard before. Then we'll play some old stuff too.
I'm still flashed and shocked... Thanks for being here.
Mike, Billie and Tré, I wish you lots of fun on your shows.
After, I have tickets for you to win. See you guys!
We'll see you in the pit.