Vanessa & Jan | Ep. 1 of 6 | Feat. Laura Spencer & Caitlin Gerard | WIGS

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So I walk into the Apple store, and remember this is before the second iPad came out, and there she is.
I hadn’t seen her since the first iPad came out and she just looks at me like I don’t even exist.
You know like give me a fucking break. I exist, she exists, we all exist but no not even the time of day was in her eyes. You wouldn’t do that, would you?
No. See because we have this understanding, you know, a connection. I guess that’s what I’m looking for. I guess that’s what everybody is looking for.
You have an iPhone?
Yes. Yes. I don’t trust BlackBerry users. I find them to be cold, corporate and incapable of loyalty.
Let me guess. Did your girlfriend- Cara.
Was Cara a BlackBerry user?
Yep. See it’s that connection again.
What is this connection that you think we have?
Think? We have.
Should I be poetic?
To the point.
Ok, um well it’s when two particles of opposite charge meet, you know they collide. Just- They can’t help it. Just nature.
And which particle are you?
I’m positive.
So I’m negative.
Um, no. As a charge. Not as a person.
Why are you a positive? It was just a metaphor.
Hm. Or an example. That too.
You are a real sphinx.
As opposed to a fake one?
You know what I mean.
I’m not telling you enough.
Try anything.
Oh, I’m sorry, I’ll shut it off. It’s ok.
No. it’s rude. Doesn’t bother me.
Oh Robbie.
Ok. What do you want to know?
Pretty girl like you, what are you doing here?
Trying to meet someone.
Are you being truthful?
Why else would I be here? I don’t know.
Who is she?
My friend. Vanessa.
You’d like her. Why?
She’ll tell you who she is.
She’s outgoing, friendly, and really fun.
I mean she’s as much fun as any friend I’ve ever known.
And she’s going to be an actress. I think she’ll be very successful.
You’re her agent? I told you.
Her friend.
You’re selling her pretty hard.
Tell me if I’m wrong.
Is she smart?
Very. Why? I like smart women.
She’s smart but not a rocket scientist.
I am.
No I am.
Would you like to see a rocket lift off? Huh?
We’re doing a test flight up in Vandenberg.
I can get you on the base, see it up close.
That actually sounds like a lot of fun. It is. What do you say?
When? 10 days.
You think about it.
What made you go into rocket science? Dad.
Is he in the same line of work? He is a test pilot.
Up at Edwards.
That’s pretty exciting stuff. It is.
Yeah. What?
Dangerous too. He uh died in one of his flights.
How old were you?
That’s so young.
I think he would’ve been proud of me.
I’m sure he would have.
How can you be sure?
You are a rocket scientist. Who wouldn’t be proud of a son who did that for a living?
You know I never-
I never really knew him as a man. Just as a father.
From a very small child’s perspective.
The only thing I really knew about him was what he believed in.
What was that?
Country. His wife and uh his family.
Thank you.