Bunheads - Season 1 Episode 6 - Movie Truck - Full Episode Recap - Celestina

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Hey, y'all.
Celestina here.
All right.
So Bunheads, here we are.
Fanny has left the building--
or at least temporarily.
She just left Michelle with a stripper pole and a bunch of
kids to teach.
I thought the striptease class idea was funny.
Probably is going to help them pay those bills too, so if she
can figure out how to swing around that pole, I guess it
might help her.
I have this feeling that Michelle's going to hit if off
with the girls, and then Fanny might start to get a little
jealous and maybe start to reneg and feel like-- maybe
that wasn't a great idea to have Michelle start teaching
my classes because now the girls are all about Michelle.
And they act like they don't even know me.
I don't know.
I feel like that's what's going to happen.
We'll see.
I could be completely wrong.
So Truly's commitment to the senior book club is
questionable now that we realize she likes hanging out
with the ladies her age.
And I said this before, I was like watch, Truly and Michelle
are going to be the best of friends.
And granted, Truly does some nice things sometimes.
They have their little tiffs, and that's OK.
At first I was like, oh, so now you want to hang out with
the girls, huh?
But it was nice to see Truly looking all hot and sexy.
I was like, go girl, uh-oh.
She gets two snaps because she was looking
really hot in that dress.
So I'm not even going to hate on her.
I was like, go girl.
Now, I was a little bit upset because my girl, Boo--
you cannot let her walk out the house like that.
The whole eyebrow thing, being shaved on one side, plucked on
the other, whatever was going on.
That was not right, and they should not have let her walk
out the house.
They should have given her a pencil, eyeliner, you name it,
draw that sucker in, and do not go out looking like that.
I'm a little more sensitive because like I said,
that's my girl, Boo.
And I feel like, if it were the other girls, they wouldn't
have gone out like that, but because it's Boo, they're
like, it's fine.
Let's just go.
And everyone else's eyebrows were on point, but she was
looking a little not too great.
I really liked the performance at the end, Sasha's
And I liked the attitude that she was bringing.
And obviously, she's gotten into Joffrey now,
so congrats to Sasha.
It was a little bit interesting.
She comes home, and she's like, Dad, I
messed up Mom's car.
And he was just like--
At first, you know what I really thought?
I thought when she walked in and her dad was sitting there
just staring at god knows what, I was thinking, did he
strangle his wife?
And that's why he's just sitting there, staring?
I'm probably so left, and they're going right.
But hey, that's my recap.
Celestina here.
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All right, y'all.