Female Eps 04: في ميل الحلقة 04 : الجاهة

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Yes, Tima
Rajae why donít you pick up? And donít tell me youíre still sleeping.
Whatís up?
Whatís up!? Are you serious?
No! No! Im kidding. I remember that todayís important.
Ugh. Youíre so lame.
Whatíre you doing?
What do you think Iím doing? Iím getting ready to go to the salon.
Right now?
Yes baby. Right now.
I have tons of stuff to do. So get up and start getting ready.
Donít make me tense please. I donít need this right now.
Ok ok. Tell me if you need anything.
Okaaaay! So she started transformation. Awesome!
Rajae come on.
Coming mom. Good morning
Good morning.
Thank you
Ok son whatíre your plans for today?
I think we should all meet somewhere and then go to her place for the engagement.
Did you figure out whoíll ask for the hagís hand?
Haha hag!
Whatís your problem? Why donít you like anyone?
I donít have a clue how she liked your son. Thank god.
Heís better than her.
Thatís true.
The important thing he goes and asks for her hand.
How about my cousin Raouf? Heís a poet, well-educated and a journalist.
Hello mom. Yes. How the hell the dress isnít ready. No itís not ok.
Ok Iíll calm down but fix it.
Wow did all these balloons lift that house?
Seems so.
Whose this girl?
The directorís daughter in law.
Yes Tima
What are you doing?
Iím watching the news with my dad
Youíre watching television rajae!? Television?! My world is upside down and youíre watching tv!
Donít worry love. Donít worry! Everything is taken care of.
I feel that today will be an ugly day. Everything is ugly. I look ugly.
I didnít mean that. I just said it to make him nervous. But thank you I look fabulous.
Is he coming back at the end?
Please hurry. Abu Awad! Whereís the coffee?
Iím not angry Iím relaxed.
Yes Tima?
Come here ASAP and bring me 100 jds. I donít have enough money now.
Ask your sisters Iím busy.
What sisters?
Oh right you donít have sisters.
Hey Iím Tima. Have we met?
Iíll be there in an hour.
Rajae Iím going to explode please hurry.
What happened in the movie? Did he return to his family?
Iím going to have a heart attack from his chill attitude.
Sheís boiling.
Yes mom.
Where are you going?
Tima needs some stuff Iím going to help.
Get me nylon stockings.
Today mom? Itís Friday! Every store is closed. Itís an impossible quest.
Youíll find them on the way.
Ugh itís that simple!
Reem! Come on!
Get up and get dressed. Youre going to be late.
Go away from me.
Get up!
Go away!
Whereís my red tie? Son come on. Everyone is starting to arrive.
Whereís my red scarf?
Did anyone see the hair dryer?
Youíre still here! Did you shave? Take a shower?
Mom I came late because I wandered the planet to get you the nylons.
Oh turns out I have a dozen of them. Go get up.
Take a shower and get dressed. You donít look like a groom.
Look at me. Are you sure of what youíre doing? Its an unavoidable evil.
Youre not the first nor the last.
Come on son go greet the guests.
I hate this guy. Singing.
Tima itís ok. Stop crying.
Everything is terrible. My haIR. make up AND HOW I LOOK.
My dress isnít ready.
Please stop crying.
Rajae will come and see me ugly.
Donít worry tima. Heíll love you. You look beautiful.
Are you sure?
Yes just stop crying so it wonít ruin the makeup
Todayís my engagement. So my dad tells everyone we will gather at this point.
Ok? Ok. Everyone got it? They just nod. Then you hear the magic words donít worry weíll call you.
Why call me? He just told you. Itís like you want to get lost.
Near Umniah the new bridge.
Umniah shmesani the new bridge.
Saqr Umniah! Umniah!
So dad?
We got it. Umniah. Shmesani. The new bridge. Got it.
Why didnít you come with us?
I might stay up late with them and invite her to dinner.
Ok hurry.
Yes Tima.
Rajae! Where the hell are you. Everyoneís here but you. I canít take it.
Everyone here. Where the hell are you!
Why are you upset? Weíre all here. All of us!
Weíre just waiting for some-one.
If youíre not here in 5 minutes I will cancel everything. Got it?
Tima calm down. I have a phonecall gotta go bye.
Yes uncle. Marka? The airport? Why? My dad told you shmesani. Umniah . The new bridge.
Yes Khalto. 8th circle? We said shmesani. Umniah . The new bridge. Itís ok. Ok bye.
Yes Saqr. Where are you?
Iím on airport radd.
Man what did I say wrong? shmesani. Umniah . The new bridge. Tell me what didnít you understand.
Amman streets are confusing
Whatís wrong with Ammanís streets?
Since when.
Since my last trip.
Screw you! They were two days at Aqaba. Hurry up.
Woah.. Looking good. Best looking groom.
Why are you late? Where were you?
Ask Saqr! Heís the one whose still thinking heís in Aqaba. What an idiot.
Letís go.
Name of the bride?
The bride isÖ Tima Shomali.
Ok the groom?
Your name?
Rajae what?
Arenít you my cousin?
Rajae Qawas. Q A W A S.
After you.
Mom calm down. Donít look so captivated by him.
Mom itís ok.
Assalamu alaikum.
Walaikum elsalam.
Generous people we stand here today at your generous home.
Looking for a hope at such dark times we are facing such as our nations
And an arab spring that made us all alert. At such times we must look for happiness.
Weíve grown old. So since weíre here let us say our demands.
The engagement!
And ask for your daughter Rehab..
Did he say Rehab? Do I look like rehab?
Eh salima
Tima to our son uhmÖ
Im going to kill you.
Kill me?
No No. Rajae rajae.
Yes to our son Rajae and thank you for your cooperation.
Please forgive me.
Are you here for an engagement or for a vacation proposal?
I want to say to the dear people who are gathered here. I accept.
Congratulations. Drink your coffee. Bring the coffee.
Thank you guys.
No problem.
Good luck to you.
Thank you.
Ghunwa how did you get inside?
I like the makeup. They want you outside
Ghunwa how did you get in here? The doorís closed.