Yatterman 2008 - Episode 4 (subbed) english/español

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"Confrontation in the snow festival, Dakorón!"
How nice it is out there...
Gan-Chan, can we go for a walk for a while?
I'm frozen!
I explain:
This season is special. In Hokkaido perform a winter festival.
Gan-chan thinks only of himself.
Ai-chan, I need to warm up!
Warm up yourself!
I love to be outside... having a wonderful day.
I think you want the same...
A delicious milk with a dash of sake!
Gan-chan, are you drunk again?
Did I hear you go for a walk, dakorón?
Have you heard that the festival has begun in Hokkaido?
Why not go out to see what it's all about, dakorón?
I feel bad, the milk was adulterated!
Gan-chan, that was white paint.
I explain:
He will never move from there!
Do you talk too much, dakorón?
What is that, dakorón?
[Ice Cream Festival]
Dorombo must be behind this.
From Hokkaido, we bring you the best ice cream you've never tasted in your miserable life!
Today we offer the house specialty: fish-flavored ice cream!
I am 100% sure that something is not right here.
Dorombo working korónka?
It seems so, but they never do it seriously.
Boyacky, where's the rest?
I'll go check!
These balls are getting smaller!
Tonzura hurry, I need my balls!
Here are your balls!
Hey, what's going on?!
Just wanted to tell you to try my balls with care!
Well, we're about to close! I think you should pay me for every ice cream...
10,000 yen!
Does each one costs 10,000 yen?!
The snow in Hokkaido is running out and this is the cheapest snow you see.
I'm not paying for all that!
Well, we can reach an agreement ...
... 9.900 yen?!
Do not agree yet? Okay, 100 yen, 100 yen!
Doronjo-sama, I think they are annoying.
Sure, nobody likes to pay bills.
How lovely!
I think with this we have enough, Doronjo-sama.
Do you think this snow come from Hokkaido?
I'm not entirely sure... Let's see what they do.
It seems that Tonzura suffered a breakdown.
Oh, Tonzura, did you make a snowman?
I swear that this is not mine, man!
Talk Dokurobei, dabeh!
Dokuro Ring is in Hokkaido.
First I'll tell you a little story. This season get a lot of snow in Hokkaido.
As you can see on the map, is a big place, beh!
You must find in the city of Sapporo, the person most clueless of all, beh!
Dokuro Ring is with him, beh!
A clueless person?!
Do not you give us a hand, man?
Find the Ring Dokuro during the festival of Hokkaido, where the ice comes alive, beh!
I think they are the ice sculptures, Doronjo-sama.
Remember if you mess up, will be punished!
Doronjo-sama took it calmly.
Is there no way to make things easier?!
Dorombo attempt to steal the ring during the festival!
[Hare mountaineering]
Surely in Hokkaido have not yet seen a rabbit as big as mine!
Okay, Boyacky!
Did you know that rabbits are flattered when they mate?
That we'll find out soon!
Even the pigs can climb trees when they are flattered!
Sailing to Hokkaido!
At your service, boss! [Ara-h0ra-sa-sai!]
I explain:
Yattaman is presented by our sponsors.
[Ice Festival in Hokkaido]
Why not bring my milk?
I never thought that the city of Hokkaido was so frozen.
That giant will crush us, Koron!
You've never seen a monument so big, Omotchama?
I explain:
Sapporo is the capital of the ice sculptures, where the unimaginable is sculpted...
They have replicas of monuments and even your favorite characters.
Dorombo will take hours looking for the ring... We find them among all these people.
We must be careful ... may be disguised.
Could not we use something warmer?
Hey, wait for us, Yattawan?!
Where are you going Yattawan?
Why all the screaming?
A big dog!
I regret that it escaped.
I'm fine!
He is Yattawan... the watchdog of the city of Tokyo.
¿Tokyo say?... must have very strange things there.
Have not you gone to the city?
My parents went there this morning and still have not returned.
Later, we will continue with this story!
Walk alone?
Our house is across the lake.
Are you going to spend the night alone with so many wild animals?
I had not thought! What will we do if something happens to us?
Be still, little fox!
We did it!
Exciting, Koron!
I explain:
Yattaman got shelter for free!
We hope not to bother. I'm sure you'll be fine.
Can we use your refrigerator?
Meanwhile, Dorombo discover ...
... nothing yet.
We will have to use another method to find this guy.
Excuse me, have you seen a very bright ring, man?
Um, is there something dead in your mouth?
So you're not married?
Only I have six children.
I pass!
It is a ring with magical powers!
Oh, you're drunk!
I am very tired!
I thought it would be very easy to find the ring in Hokkaido.
Do you think we missed something?
I'm afraid not.
Butari! ... June!
What is it? ...
Butari! ... June!
My butt!
You okay, man?
Look where you're going!
I'm sorry.
I'm looking for something very important that I lost. Have not you seen?
Could it be ...?
One moment ... What you got? Who gave it? ... Speak up!
Awesome view!
Oh ... Can you tell me?
Ah! well ...
It's something I'll wait until tomorrow to show it.
I explain:
Yattaman almost always goes near where Dorombo hits the ground.
Does this have to do with any Dokuro Ring?
Any wealth are you looking?... I already knew.
... as the first time I saw her shine.
If I can follow you, I will get the ring!
Well, see I can do until tomorrow.
Do you speak seriously, Doronjo-sama?
Just give a look.
You mean that we seek?
I'm a bastard for swimming!
I only meant to follow him.
Anyway, Dokuro Ring will be ours when we find it!
Well, let's get this ring Dokuro... not say more!
At your service, boss! [Ara-h0ra-sa-sai!]
Is it cold outside?
Am meteorologist dakorón?!
Thanks for inviting us to spend the night... This is very nice!
Still not sleeping?
I enjoy seeing my brother on fire!
This only happens to me when the nights are very cold ...
I look around and sometimes are not my parents ...
It's a shame.
It's okay. Anyway, tomorrow I'll wait to see the ring.
Did you say a ring?
Dokuro Ring, dakorón!
Have you seen him?
Not yet.
And what will happen if one night the wolf comes to eat me?!
And not only that... imagine that he eats the whole family!
You frighten me.
Ah ... Where have you been?
At least I came back before the big day.
Forgive me, Daddy!
It was not that far.
Yattaman is there!
How is it possible that they are here, Boyacky?
Surely those guys knew where to find the ring and continued here!
Calm down... Yattaman be defeated and the Ring Dokuro be ours!
At your service, boss! [Ara-h0ra-sa-sai!]
How am I going?
I would say that you are well... but you must learn to take it.
Let me try.
Just repeat.
Hey, you should try this!
I have no desire... I think I lack vitamins.
Hey, I think I found something!
¿Dokuro Ring?!
It's stuck!
Come here ...
That's not the ring, man!
Were you freezing?
Do you think she'll have fun tonight?
I'm sure will not be cold, Koron!
Now you are well protected.
How do you feel, Yattawan?
Ah! Ready!
I think those were all... thank you!
Do you have gas tanks? Why not use them?
We use them! Just had to ask for it.
Why me?!
¿Dokuro ring, where are you?!
My manicure is ruined man!
I'm sure that is not here!
And where is Mrs. Goron? Still she does not come?
Ahhh... I do not know.
What is this business of the ring?
It's something I've enjoyed since I was a child.
When the sun rises, shines in all its glory and it's all an unforgettable experience.
Now all that is forgotten and only remains in the memory of adults in Hokkaido.
I would hope that my children can remember something that left his father as a legacy.
Did you find out something about Dokuro Ring?
I do not know, it's like telling a story.
But Goron-san is sure to have it.
It smells like fart, Koron!
Who's there?! - Is it a dog?
Maybe a cat?
Or a pig?
A rooster?
Come out of hiding now!
If you are Dorombo give yourselves!
We are ready, Koron!
¿"Kirin"?! That's not the roosters crow, Boyacky!
I'm not very good at imitations.
That is true, Yattaman! We'll get that ring at all costs!
It's time to try out my toy! Let's see if it works!
Electric baton!
The party is over! I prefer them roasted!
Look what you're doing!
Kenda Magic!
Call the Mecha once and for all!
At your service, boss! [Ara-h0ra-sa-sai!]
In these sculptures should be Dokuro Ring, let's get them!
At your service, boss!
I'm pretty sure Goron-san knows where to find the ring!
Let's go... Yattawan!
Yattaman is here!
Evil will never prevail!
These children will not stop us!... Let's give them!
Launching instant evacuation system... Pochittona!
They're covering it with rabbit poop!
The Mecanomoto!
Yattawan! Mecanomoto!
Energy recharged, completely!
Mecha Super-amazing! Start!
I explain:
These are very special Mecha and metal cutting fascinates them!
Boyacky, is there not a way to defeat... without pain?
Preparing system protection against fleas! Pochittona!
The super-awesome Mecha stop!
We are 100% screwed!
What we do Boyacky?!
They have chainsaws!
That's enough! Preparing a lethal weapon!
And so went the song!
Smack here! [Pochittona!]
Wait... What do they do?
We did it! - That's it!
Are you ready? Victory Pose!
Yatta, yatta, Yattaman!
But what happened to the Dokuro Ring?
We are in front of him, Koron!
Pay close attention, kids.
The radiant solar ring.
It is one of the most impressive things I've seen in my life.
It is the only day of the year will see the solar ring at its best!
It's like a donut, Koron!
It's beautiful!
These are the few things we can enjoy together as a family.
It's something I had never seen in Hokkaido. It looks magical!
I love it!
So, this is it? - Better than a Dokuro Ring?
The train from Hokkaido, went early.
If that was the ring, we would have bought some souvenirs.
So there is nothing?
Receive your punishment!
Again saving the day, they are ready to act on another adventure ... Yattaman!
Yatta, yatta ... Yattaman!
See you soon!
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