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Scinaptic OnePlaceMail promotes the user adoption of SharePoint.
OnePlaceMail is a natural extension to existing desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook, File Explorer and Microsoft Office
Word, Excel and PowerPoint for seamless connectivity to SharePoint.
Microsoft Outlook is where many of us spend a great proportion of our working hours. With OnePlaceMail, you can simply drag and drop
email attachments or one or more emails directly into SharePoint in the same way as we always have with personal or public folders.
In this example, I am showing how a user can simply move or copy one or more selected emails into SharePoint, capturing all the email
attributes such as To, From, Subject and Sent/Received date automatically.
The emails are stored in SharePoint in the native Outlook email format. Therefore, allowing the user to open, reply or forward email from
Microsoft Outlook as normal.
In the case of replying or creating a new email, OnePlaceMail allows the user to send and save the sent email to SharePoint.
For many business requirements, there is a need to capture additional information to the standard email attributes when transferring
emails or attachments.
In this 2nd example, I am showing how a user can drag and drop emails and complete the column metadata as defined for the destination
SharePoint library in addition to automatically capturing the standard email attributes.
If the SharePoint Library contains folders, the user can select a specific folder location within the library.
Directly from Outlook, the user completes any filing information for the library and selected content type.
SharePoint default values are automatically completed and column validation is enforced as part of the process.
If filing into SharePoint 2010, a user can take advantages of the streamlined type ahead capabilities when completing Enterprise
Keywords and Managed metadata from the Terms and Taxonomy Store. This is all available in Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010.
Once uploaded, the emails are immediately available in the SharePoint library.
To really help drive sharepoint as a platform for information management and collaboration,
OnePlaceMail enables the user to access SharePoint from Microsoft Outllook
Taking full advantage of the SharePoint security and rich capabilities offered by SharePoint without the need to leave Outlook.
Further to Outlook, a consistent experience is provided from File Explorer.
A user can simply select one or more files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files, or as in this example, images.
and perform a Right Click Send To SharePoint.
This facility is available from the desktop, C-drive, or Network drive.
Given, we are uploading images, I will select a Picture library as the location and complete any requested filing information
as it has been defined in SharePoint.
Upon selecting Upload, the files are transferred to SharePoint.
I can view or edit the new items created in SharePoint as part of the process or
I can simply go to SharePoint and access the items in the normal manner.
Document Management capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint are truly highlighted with the ability to
save documents directly from words, excel and PowerPoint into SharePoint.
In this example, I have created a new Word document and will select ‘Upload to SharePoint’. As this is a new document, I am
requested to provide a filename.
OnePlaceMail allows me to complete any filing information as part of the upload process.
Clicking on Upload, will save the document into the SharePoint library, with the appropriate metadata and will
re-open the document in Microsoft Word, allowing me to continue editing the document.
From this point forward, we are using the full integration capabilities of Office and SharePoint
where I can check-out the document and continue editing.
In the case of Office 2007 and 2010, OnePlaceMail is also exposing some of the other standard office capabilities for the user to
take advantage of in addition to the Upload to SharePoint and search SharePoint capabilities provided by OnePlaceMail.
These same capabilities are also available in other office applications such as Excel and PowerPoint.
For Seamless desktop to SharePoint integration, OnePlaceMail provides the natural extension expected of applications such as
Outlook, Office and file explorer to really drive the user adoption of SharePoint.
OnePlaceMail works with your existing Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010 clients
Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2003, 2007 and 2010
and SharePoint 2007 and 2010 environments.
Further in-depth videos are available on our website or you can
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