Show Luo - 20100413 Short Biography 1/3 (Eng Sub)

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Behind the cameras, the lives of celebrities.
Hello, everyone.
You're watching Re Xian Zhui Zong.
My name is Lin Yi Ru.
In today's segment,
we will be recounting the stories of 2 idols.
They are Xiao Zhu, Show Luo and Big S.
What we're looking at now is
the Dance King of Asia, Show Luo.
If the audience can remember,
this New Year's Eve, during the
Red and White (Popular) Artists Award ceremony,
Asian Dance King, Show Luo,
in a full-bodied handsome outfit
and a very charismatic dance routine
really had everyone watching
with high blood pressure.
To count, having entered
this industry since 1996,
it has already been 15 years.
His charm has really been noticed.
Xiao Zhu, Show Luo has half the blood of
the native (Taiwanese) tribe, Amis.
Because his mom is the princess
of the Amis tribe,
so, from a very young age, he's claimed himself
to be the Amis' prince.
He practiced songs with his parents
and would bang on some biscuit boxes
to practice rhythm.
So the family found out,
this little child really had talent
playing drums, so they brought him with them
to perform in their localized music band/group.
Afterwards, he even got the title of
"Little Drum King."
Entering the entertainment/music
industry at 16, he became extremely
popular by imitating Aaron Guo (Fu Chen).
But at a young age, he had already
tasted the bitterness and hardships
of the entertainment circle.
Actually, Show Luo has had his career
run downhill and even named by a producer as
"[tv] rating poison."
And was even said "his type,
probably won't be able to survive in
Taiwan's music industry." But now we can see,
not only has Xiao Zhu survived the bitterness,
even became Asia's Dance King.
Let's look at his actual story.
Dance steps of skill and power,
difficult movements. This hot single,
Show Luo has once again shocked everyone.
Because in the music video (MV),
he used special effects and make-up
plus exaggerated acting to display the devil
and angel's battle. Bringing the style of rock
and showing an exciting new dance routine.
Working hard to learn
the complex dance steps of "Invisible Feet,"
having to do 128 dance steps in 20 sec.
Show Luo danced till his feet were numb.
Not only was there the awesome feet movements,
he also had to wear a heavy,
5kg (11 lb) diamond glove while dancing.
The glove even scratched his arm
till the point of bleeding, but for
a good image on the stage,
in "Trendy Man" (6th album) Xiao Zhu
let himself recount to his past, showing
the "Clumzy Man" from the starting of his career,
morphing into the "Trendy Man" he is now.
Especially changed out of 30 outfits.
Show: This is the clothes and hair from
"Four Heavenly Kings." Hasn't changed much.
Didn't get fatter, didn't get skinner.
There's just an added aura of maturity.
Today, we're photographing the
"Evolution of Man." From the albums
from before to now.
[Show: I'm Four Heavenly Kings' Show Luo.
I imitate Aaron Guo, and I'm 16 years old.]
In 1996, (the boy group) Four Heavenly Kings
appeared for the first time and got
their first feel of the music industry.
From this second on, Show Luo had to change from
a cheap jade to a diamond
in the shortest amount of time.
Friend, Ou Di: Our group,
everyone talked with a bit of a native accent,
but his was even more serious. When he talks in
Madarin or Taiwanese, there's a very thick accent.
So, he would have little confidence,
he'd think that he had to be very clear
with his pronounciation.
[Show, Thick Native Accent: Hello everybody.
I'm Four Heavenly Kings' Show Luo.
And my favorite singer is Guo... Aaron Guo.]
Producer: This person, he has a lot of ambition,
because even the way he imitates talking,
he'll pay special attention to
the way Aaron Guo pronounces words.
So even when he was been interviewed,
he could still use Araon's voice to
answer questions/form conversation.
Imitating Aaron Guo,
dancing and singing were all completely
the same. For Taiwan's variety show producer,
specializing in imitation,
remembers the time of the Four Heavenly Kings.
Producer: To put the four heavenly (pop)
kings together for performanceis extremely hard.
So, this new group, we called Four Heavenly Kings.
So people would have a different feeling.
It's like if the four heavenly (pop) kings
of Hong Kong can't come, then the
Four Heavenly Kings of Taiwan can
give people their wish.
Show: "Hey, it's the one who imitates Aaron Guo!"
was more popular than saying "Show Luo."
They couldn't remember the words "Show Luo,"
but everyone could say "hey, the one who
imitates Aaron Guo."
The heavenly king created by Taiwan
had charm that was known to all, and was liked
by 10,000ths (Asian counting system) of people.
In singing session and autograph session,
they were popular from north to south.
From 1996-1998, they touched the hearts
of many young fangirls. They'd had thought they
had entered the business with lots of good luck,
but the big boys were faced with the obstacle
of having to serve the military.
Four became two, so there was no choice
but to stick with his high school classmate,
Ou Di and form a new boys group,
Romeo (LUO Mi OU= combo of names).
Friend, Ou Di:Because there were only two left,
so we couldn't lose to the other groups.
Because during that time, there were slowly more
groups coming out. So we thought,
our goal was to became Taiwan's "Jin Ji Xiao Zi."
Show: Romeo was only had one popular song,
called "Mao Jiao Chun."
After that, we just started going downhill.
Lived in the mountains, so went downhill (inside joke).
You didn't bring out Romeo's real unique style.
We were only continuing the style that
Four Heavenly Kings had. Since you've renamed
yourselves, you should find a new style to follow.
In the singing career, they continued
for 2 more years, then Ou Di also went
to serve for the military.
Show's career in the entertainment industry
changed to the extreme.
Show: If someone hit me in the head with an egg,
I'd get angry. Then, after I went downhill,
you'll start to want to have some more time
in front of the camera.
Producer: The time wasn't right
and luck wasn't too good.
So he entered the hosting business
and the vareity show.
I think it was a time of great life experiences.
But the bad luck had yet to stop,
because of poor ratings, the fault would
all fall on the host.
Show: I fell to the bottom [of my career].
At that time, all three of my shows were stopped.
People started saying that I was rating poison.
Or things like being scared to get me as a host.
There were even people who said I couldn't survive
through this. The period where I hit the bottom
of my career was when I had 3 months without a job
and without a pay check. And that time,
I was in debts, and I had to borrow money
from a friend to bring home and give to mom.
Mom: I knew. I always kept the thought with me.
What I thought in my heart, he knew.
What he thought in his heart, I knew.
I just followed with what he wanted to do.
We couldn't have Luo Papa (dad) know
because Luo Papa was weak and unhealthy.
We did all that for Luo Papa to see.
Of course, those 3 months, it was very hard for him.
Producer: It wasn't necessary. Completely unnecessary.
Does Show Luo need to be hit by cakes?
Probably not. Does Show Luo need
to be treated like trash? Probably not.
The handsome man from before became
a second-rate comedian. Stepping further
and further away from the path of an idol.
In front of the camera,
getting pranked, getting bullied.
Because, if he left this stage,
it would be very hard to return to the spotlight.
After suffering through 1000 months,
finally there was a recording company willing
to test if this, before a popular star at 16,
then fallen, and now 24 year old celebrity could once again
step up to popularity. This idea, even to himself,
was extremely hard to believe.
Show: Because I've entered this circle
for a pretty long time, so should you face
everyone as a new artist or as an old one?
And the main thing was, you have to change
from a role like a host and return to the role of
a singer, it's actually not an easy thing to do.
Dancer, Da Mu: When he first came,
he completely couldn't catch up.
He had left dance for far too long.
After Four Heavenly Kings, he had already stopped
dancing. He had stopped staying in touch
with anything dance related.
So there were a lot of things that he didn't know,
didn't understand. And even the things he knew before,
but because dance had already improved to a point
of everything being different.
He thought it was really difficult.
Show: My biggest problem now is,
is my dance still worthy?
But everyone's idea is that there shouldn't
be a problem, but I can pretty much know
what my limit is right now. This time,
I have to fix my dance in more detail.
In every detail, I have to display it perfectly.
No matter if it's just a little pause or
a head turn, I think it's a very important move.
If this move wasn't executed well, zero points.
The dance he was most familiar with, he couldn't
even grasp. The first step to returning to the
singing career was already this difficult.
But he couldn't be forced down that easily.
Show: I'm sure everyone's heard the first part
had japanese rap. Don't get suspicious,
I sang that.