『 World is Mine 』 - Hatsune Miku ( Cosplay PV )

Uploaded by alarzy on 14.06.2011

The number one princess in the world!
You should know by now how to please me...
First off, you should know when my hair got cut right down to the inch.
Second, you should know when I wear a brand new pair of shoes.
Got it?
Thirdly, for every word I speak to you, I expect three words in reply.
If you understand, my hand feels rather empty so hold it!
I'm not really saying anything selfish,
I just want you to think I'm super-cute...
Truly and genuinely.
The number one princess in the world!
Remember that, hey~ hey~
You're not allowed to keep me waiting!
Just who do you think I am?
Now I want to go,
and eat some sweets, so where?
Of course I mean now!
Check one two!
Fruit-topped strawberry shortcake.
Pudding made with the best of the best.
I will... I will try to hold back.
So don't go thinking I'm greedy.
I can act proper as well!
You'll regret your words!
Naturally! Because I am...
The number one princess in the world!
I'll wander off if you don't watch me.
Suddenly, I'm being grabbed from behind to safety?
"Be more careful," you say, while looking away.
...But I think YOU'RE more dangerous!
Hey, baby!