Mahabharat - Episode 55

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Shakuni is among those gamblers ...
... who loses game after game ...
... but is unwilling to end the game
This is the hold that Dice has on him
Shakuni is so jealous of the Pandavas ...
... that he is blinded by jealousy
The blind are increasing in the Kuru palace
Dhritirashtra is blind from birth
Gandhari has bandaged her eyes
Duryodhan is blinded by his actions
And Shakuni is blinded by jealousy
None of them knows of Jaidrath ...
... who is blinded by lust
Using his insult as a base ...
... he is doing penance ...
... to fulfil his objective
Stop charioteer!
Brother Jaidrath, King of Sindhu!
What are you doing here?
What have you done to yourself?
Dushala is worrying about you ...
... and has sent me in search of you
This is not l
This is the corrupted ...
... sinful ...
... corpse of my ego
l cannot show myself to my friends ...
... or my enemies
Crown Prince Duryodhan
My friend Duryodhan
My dear Duryodhan
Can you see these five strands of hair?
They are not strands of hair ...
... but five serpents ...
... who roam on my head ...
... day and night ...
... and bite me
Who has dared to insult you so?
And that, too, within our limits?
They are the five thorns ...
... which are piercing your heart
The Pandavas!
They did not respect the fact that you are ...
... their sister's husband
Dushala is also their sister
By doing this they have ...
... disturbed a nest of serpents
l will never forgive them for this
You may forgive them ...
... but my insulted ego will never forgive them
These are not strands of hair ...
... but five death penalties ...
... which l'll sign with their blood
l promise you that ...
... l'll never forget this incident ...
... till l take my revenge
They have wounded me once again
Dushala is not an orphan
Those who have insulted her husband ...
... will die a thousand deaths
Come to Hastinapur
Now l cannot go to either Hastinapur or Sindhu
l must do penance and ...
... obtain Lord Shiva's blessing to conquer them
Why are you worried?
l am worried because ...
... Jaidrath, King of Sindhu, wants ...
... a blessing to conquer the Pandavas
What will you do now?
The Pandavas are an essence of Truth ...
... and are under Lord Vishnu's protection
What would you have done in my place?
l would have sent him back empty-handed
No! You cannot do that
lf he asks for something from me ...
... l am indebted to his worship
The debt has to be paid
l cannot send him back empty-handed
- Then .. - That's the worry
l cannot give what l don't have ...
... but l must give him something ...
... and give him l will!
Don't worry. You just watch what is happening
The time has come to churn a Sea of Blood
Let's rest a little, my lord
Sit Panchali
l am feeling thirsty
Sahadev. Climb this tree and see ...
... if there is any water nearby
All of us are thirsty
Yes, Brother
Careful Sahadev
We have to think of the year of anonymity
Duryodhan will surely send his spies after us
l don't understand ...
... how my unique brothers will hide?
Bhim will be good as a cook
Yes! He is fond of food
ln the kitchen he won't know how the year flies by
Don't tease him, Panchali
But the suggestion is a good one
l can join a stable ...
... while Sahadev can become a cowherd
And my lord can join any court
But how will Arjun hide?
A little distance away there's a group of trees
There must be water there
Nakul go and get some water
As you wish!
You cannot drink here unless you answer my questions
What if l drink?
Drink and see!
Sahadev! Go and see
Nakul should have returned by now
As you wish
You may drink after you have answered my questions
- Arjun! - Yes, Brother
l am worried. Go and see ...
... what has happened
Don't worry. l'll go and see
Who has killed my brothers?
l have killed them, Arjun
What wrong did they do?
This lake is mine. ln spite of warning them ...
... they drank from this lake
They were thirsty
That did not give them the right to steal water
lf you want water, answer my questions first
Or else you will meet the same fate as your brothers
Every creature has a right to water and air
So, l do not accept your right to this lake
l will drink here without answering your questions
l will also take some away
lf you try to stop me ...
... l'll dry up the lake with one arrow
Do you hear?
You cannot drink this water
l am warning you, Arjun
Stop! Answer my questions before drinking
Arjun still hasn't returned
l'll go and see
Come forward, killer!
Did you kill my brothers?
Yes! lf you, too, do not answer my questions ...
... before drinking, l'll also kill you
First l'll drink this water and prove ...
... that you have no right over this lake
Then, l'll punish you
No wounds!
ls the water of this lake poisoned?
lt doesn't seem so!
Maybe Shakuni is behind this
But these bodies don't seem poisoned
But it has to be the influence of this lake
Something is wrong with the water of this lake
That's why my brothers are dead
Answer my questions before drinking
Please tell me ...
... who are you?
l am a Yaksha
l have killed your brothers
l stopped them
l told them to answer my questions before drinking
They did not listen to me and were killed
lf you wish to drink water ...
... answer my question first
l'll try. Ask your questions
What is heavier than Earth?
What is higher than the sky?
What is faster than the wind?
The mind
What is more in number than twigs?
Who is the friend of a person close to death?
Where does Religion, Success, Heaven and Happiness reside?
Religion resides in Awareness
Success in Charity
Heaven in Truth
Happiness in Chastity
What is a Man's Soul?
His Son
What has covered the Earth?
What is laziness?
lgnorance of Religion is laziness
Who is truly happy?
The one free of debt
What is true cleansing?
The cleansing of the mind
What is darker than eye black?
Which is the best religion?
What can prevent mourning?
Keeping the mind in control
What is shame?
Keeping away from unworthy things
What is Piety?
Wishing happiness for all
What kills the nation?
What is the true test of Brahminhood?
Dynasty, Character, Teaching or Knowledge?
Dynasty, Teaching or Knowledge do not prove ...
... Brahminhood
Character is the true test
A Shudra with Character is better than ...
... a born Brahmin who has only Knowledge ...
... but no Character
ls Religion in Logic?
ls it found in the philosophy of Sages?
No! Because each Sage differs from the others
None has the complete Truth
Where is the complete Truth?
ln the heart of the believer
What is the greatest wonder?
The greatest wonder is that each individual knows ...
... that Death is the ultimate Truth ...
... and yet believes that ...
... maybe he is immortal
You have answered all my questions correctly
Of your four brothers ...
... any one can be given Life
lf l have to choose only one ...
... then l choose Nakul
O Son of Kunti! Why did you choose Nakul ...
... in preference to Bhim or Arjun?
For me, both Mother Kunti and Mother Madri are equal
l respect both my mothers
lf l chose Bhim or Arjun it would be ...
... an injustice to Mother Madri
lf one of Mother Kunti's sons is alive ...
... then one of Mother Madri's sons should be alive
So that there is no injustice to Mother Madri
So, if l have to choose one of my brothers ...
... l will choose Nakul
lf one of Mother Kunti's sons is alive ...
... one of Mother Madri's sons should also live
And if l grant life to two of your brothers ...
... who would it be?
ln that case, l would choose Sahadev
He is younger than Bhim and Arjun
Your choice has pleased me
You are honorable. You will get back all your brothers
You are not a Yaksha
A Yaksha cannot give Life
You are some superior form. Please show yourself!
O Son of Kunti! l am the God of Truth
l had come here to meet you
l am pleased to see that ...
... you have acquired through penance ...
... the virtues of Tolerance, Control over Mind and Body...
... and conquered ...
... the sins of ...
... Hunger, Thirst, Mourning Temptation and Death
Draupadi must be waiting
What's wrong?
Duryodhan's spies came searching for us
Don't worry Draupadi!
Whether it is Religion or Atheism ...
... Truth or Untruth ...
... it cannot survive in a vacuum
lt, too, needs the fertile land of society ...
... to grow and evolve
lt needs a Yuddhistir or a Dhritirashtra
Light can only emanate from ...
... a Sun, Moon or a lamp
There is no point in roaming the desert of nothingness ...
... in search of the meaning of these words
There's no need for words or their meaning
lt is to teach you this that ...
... l am narrating this ancient story
Even when the Lord Himself ...
... needs to understand these words ...
... He has to incarnate Himself as Man ...
... and live on Earth ...
... like an exemplary Man
But for a moment think of ...
... what the Lord's disciple will be like
My respects
May you live long!
Are you going to war, my son?
No! But Uncle says that ...
... till l defeat Vermaji at duel he will not ...
... accept me as a warrior
Will you defeat the Chief of Dwarka's army?
Why not?
To become a warrior you have to defeat a warrior
Remember l am Lord Krishna's disciple
Every day he reminds me ...
... that History is waiting for me
But he never tells me ...
... where History is waiting for me
lf your Uncle says that ...
... History is waiting for you ...
... then it is definitely waiting for you
But now you will have to prove ...
... that you are worthy of History
l need your blessings
May you live long!
Beware, my child!
By calling me a child you have disarmed me
At this moment l am not a child but your opponent
My dear Abhimanyu
lt is possible that in war many of your opponents ...
... may be elder to you
Sometimes one has to fight to protect the values of life
ln war there are no relationships
That's why, raise your sword and fight!
As you wish!
Allow me to wage war with you who are my elder
Be victorious!
You are your Uncle's disciple
Even before the fight you have taken a blessing to be victorious
Shall we start?
May you live long !
This child is such a warrior that ...
... even Bhim and Arjun will be proud of him
They will definitely be proud of him
Even l am proud of him
Even his enemies will take his name with respect
Who will be my enemies?
No ordinary warrior will dare be your enemy
Only some brave warrior will have the courage
Looks like you have brought bad news
The spies have returned disheartened
But they were following them like shadows?
They say a mist developed around them ...
... and when it cleared, the Pandavas had gone
Gone? Did the Earth swallow them?
Or did they go to Heaven?
Tell them to find the Pandavas ...
... or else l make them stand here ...
... and beat them to death with this mace
The year of anonymity has begun
This is a crucial year for Hastinapur
Sometimes l am even afraid to think of ...
... what would happen if the Pandavas ...
... are recognized
And what if they are not recognized?
Then what? They will take our blessings ...
... and return to lndraprasth
Are you sure ...
... Duryodhan will return lndraprasth to them?
Why not? He will have to return it
lf that is so, then l have not understood Duryodhan
lf that is so, why the game of Dice?
Why Draupadi's disrobing and the year of anonymity?
Tell me, Grandsire
Duryodhan can't do this!
You are deluding yourself
You very well know what Duryodhan is capable of
Duryodhan is darkness
Even if he goes towards light ...
... Shakuni ensures that he remains in darkness
lf you do not want war ...
... and do not wish to side with Duryodhan ...
... then pray to Lord Shiva ...
... that the Pandavas are not successful
l do not wish that ...
... the Pandavas are denied their rights
l pray that both of them are happy
One in Hastinapur and the other in lndraprasth
Why do you wish for the impossible?
Do you know where they are now?
ln hiding
Do not ensnare me in your words
Like you did at the time of the Wax House
This is the result of that event
Had you told me of the conspiracy then ...
... by the grace of Lord Shiva ...
... l would have asked for the death penalty ...
... for the conspirators
Even the King could not have denied my plea
But today we are both helpless
We are like those trees ...
... which cannot leave their places ...
... even if they wish to
We have no control over our shadows
We can only wait for lightning to destroy us
lt is a curse to be born in this era
Selfishness is the base of Hastinapur's Politics
There is no place for Patriotism
This is a tragedy for not only myself ...
... but also for Hastinapur
Hastinapur now represents the ruins of my dreams
My motherland is on her deathbed
Please try to save it
The cure is patriotism in Politics
l had never thought that Hastinapur ...
... would become a plaything in the hands ...
... of Dhritirashtra, Shakuni and Duryodhan
Forgive me O motherland
l had not thought that such things would happen
l cannot stop what is happening
Years before, l had closed my eyes to Ethics ...
... in your interest
Greed has poisoned ...
... Politics and Patriotism
Both Bhishma and Vidur are helpless
lncurable is this disease