Grace N Michelle - Suddenly Panda

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on 19.02.2009


MICHELLE: I look up here?
GRACE: Yeah.
MICHELLE: Panda, you look up here.
Oops, sorry.
GRACE: Three's company.
Panda is vlogging with us today.
See how far we've come?
Remember the terrible days of when Panda first got here?

MICHELLE: What are you doing?
GRACE: This is boring.
But you're questioning if it's boring.
So we'll move on for your sake.
Everything is a lot more calm now.
We don't have as much stuff going on.
Except for the real world stuff.
MICHELLE: Not the show.
MICHELLE: Even though it's in Brooklyn.
Ew, did you see it?
MICHELLE: Oh, it's so bad.
GRACE: Really?
MICHELLE: It's so terrible.

GRACE: Did he say B?

MICHELLE: I think I know where you're going.
GRACE: I know where this is going.
MICHELLE: You don't have to waste all my paper, I see the
other O. Boo hoo.
GRACE: Oh, boo hoo.
So the housing shit is a pile of shit.
MICHELLE: I don't want to talk about it.
GRACE: He has a joke.
Can he tell jokes?
MICHELLE: He can tell jokes.
GRACE: Of course you can tell jokes.

When I go to the laundry mat, I feel like Obama.

MICHELLE: Because I bring change.
GRACE: That Panda.

That was good.
MICHELLE: I like that.
GRACE: That was good.
MICHELLE: You could do stand-up.

This is the thing--
MICHELLE: He didn't like that.

GRACE: You guys.
So we don't know what the F is happening.
MICHELLE: I don't know.
Everything needs to be figured out by around next week, so
we'll have something for you then.
GRACE: What's he say?
MICHELLE: Have you been watching our old vlogs?
GRACE: You been reading our blog?
We got a blog going on there, too.
MICHELLE: We got a blog on Tumblr.
You been looking at that?
GRACE: I'm going to miss that face if you have to go away.
MICHELLE: Don't worry.
We won't send you back to the zoo.
GRACE: If that's where he's from.

I will be honest, I don't read it.