Predictive Analytics serviced in the Cloud with Predixion Insight

Uploaded by predixion on 10.09.2010

What excites people about predictive analytics is that patterns start emerging, they have
these oh wow moments, these eureka moments that give them deep insight into their data.
They see their business in a new light. Until now, the difficulty of getting started with
predictive analytics really prevented people from taking advantage of the benefits.
The software was complex, it was expensive, and it often took many, many months to begin.
Predixion Insight will allow anybody that can use Excel to do powerful predictive analytics,
and anyone who is familiar with Excel or Power Pivot can perform predictive analytics by
simply subscribing to our cloud service.
Predixion Insight puts predictive analytics in the hands of the people who really need
it. Predixion Insight lets you access the most powerful predictive analytics tools that
only the biggest corporations have had access to. But now it's in the cloud and it's easy
to use, so anyone can use it.
With Predixion Insight you can use Predixion's self-service predictive analytics immediately
right in Excel and Power Pivot. Predixion puts the tools right in your hands and eliminates
the need to buy expensive software.
I believe that Predixion software will fundamentally change the way that organizations interact
with their data and the value they get with their data.
Predixion also has an on premise solution for enterprise customers. For more information
go to