Fishing Tips : How Do Fishing Poles Work?

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.11.2008

Hey, today I'm going to give you a little bit of insight into how a fishing pole works.
Okay, we have the; let me show you a little bit about the poles. This, of course, our
reel. This is the reel seat here which holds the reel on. The reel is used for retrieving
your line and holding your line when you're going to cast it. Okay, the fishing pole works
for casting the line. What it does is; you; when you come back with your back cast, that
pole bends and it creates power, and then when you come forward, it bends and helps
you throw that line out, and it also helps in fighting the fish which you; the power
ball of pressure on the rod, puts pressure on the fish. Therefore, keeping your line
tot and in the fishes mouth. If there's any kind of slack, the line is going to let that
hook pop out, and the guides help your line come in nice and smooth. These are ceramic
guides so it keeps your line from getting frayed and basically that's how a fishing
pole works.