Above & Beyond TATW400, Beirut - Official Film

Uploaded by aboveandbeyondtv on 21.12.2011

Antoine Sawma >> The most bad part is when you hear the bombs hit, like the boom.
When the 2006 conflict happened it affected us a lot. More than anyone can imagine.
No one didn't suffer over it, everyone suffered.
The people were escaping from Beirut and going to more safe places to sit.
The two religions were sharing food, were sharing places to live, were sharing water. Everything.They were like family.
My name is Antoine Sawma, I am from Lebanon. Second year university student, studying biomedical engineering.
I am a trance fan, an Above & Beyond lover.
I love football, and other sports too. That's practically everything about me.
I hope that we will feel that kind of feeling between families, other than in war and conflict, and someone will unite us under one roof.
People are trying to forget the war, but the footprints around you will show you that you will always remember the war.
The old buildings, the memories inside. They will never forget it.
When they see TATW400 Beirut, that means that Beirut is something special.
It will unite us, and it will show the people that we are great people, and we love to party, and we are peaceful.
We want very good things for our country and for us, for our brothers, and for other people around the world.
Nour Barrage >> I was in Beirut during the summer of 2006 when the war happened.
Since I was living in an area where the bombs were really close to my house, and it was actually really terrifying, we had to sleep in the corridor one night.
We were all crammed up and we had all these mattresses in the corridor of our apartment.
We had to sleep in this tiny room as well, where the elevator was, because we were so scared that a bomb would hit.
We had to flee. We had to go to the mountains so that we wouldn't be killed.
It's really sad to see that that happened but I feel like we're moving on slowly. We're adapting to a new generation.
We smile about it because we want to move on.
This kind of music, just... it makes my day.
Whenever I feel sad, whenever I'm thinking about the war, it just brightens my day.
Antoine Sawma >> There are songs that represent that you have to look for the future.
You feel you're living the moment. You should work harder, you should do everything harder.
It's like trance songs stimulate you more to achieve things better and be happier.
The song lyric "dream on little dreamer", it's about me. I always stick to my dreams and I want to make them true.
That's why I always tend to be free and achieve my dreams.
I like this relationship between friends, when you feel like they are brothers, not like friends. You feel they are family.
When we are all partying under one roof, the same music, it is like trance religion, it unites us all.
Yeah, I'm ready. I'm ready to go.
Party Goer >> Here the story begins...
Antoine Sawma >> A minute will be like it's 3 years man. You're waiting in the line, you feel the blood in your veins.
Party Goer >> Really exciting.
Antoine Sawma >> It will be the most epic party I will have ever attended in my life. I am pretty sure about that.
Party Goers >> I would say that Above & Beyond has brought us friendships, relationships, important decisions in life.
Has made us feel a way that nothing else can make us feel.
Antoine Sawma >> We came just for TATW and that's it. We don't need anything, no war, no political views, anything. Just TATW and Trance.
I think it will unite us.
It's wicked, it's a very good feeling. Like people are shouting and, yeah, I am shouting for people. It's great.
It's really amazing. The best experience I have ever been to.
Nour Barrage >> Although people have political differences and religious differences, we can still unite in this single event.
It will unite us all.