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so previously demo drill sales actually
that was a cop that in the law enforcement for a New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside 0:00:06.720,0:00:09.719 and then uh... realize everyone really its stock
too and i wasn't
you know my lifelong dream to be
no cop for forty years in
didn't really appeal to me and then
got involved in accounting for doing my tax practice which are now action
enrolled agent
than doing that
come up on fourteen years
dot in excess of five hundred clients and
really got more than real state of mississippi
plain and simple
uh... like most americans the more you make
the more he spent
um... no different from anyone else that
pull my pants on the same way you do you know leg of the time and New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside0:00:44.620,0:00:49.480 made some dumb decisions inouye like anyone else missing from this is in some
stupid financial choices by a lot of stuff that
really had no value in the end
and down
windows and mortgage industry inches extremely successful at that
we did really well we got a custom tour really
lehigh lifestyle if you will and
salt only restarted living beyond our means
and you know we learn some lessons in there
one day when she came in and said i quit i don't want to do these loans anymore i
don't feel good about home
you know we have to do something different what that time we weren't
cuffs accustomed to making probably and anywhere between twenty or twenty five 0:01:25.560,0:01:27.860New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside thirty thousand dollars a month
and back then it becomes really difficult for a place it's it's that's
impossible and what would you go into i mean
aside from those states
a deafening made up by
i'm really really blast gaya
have such an amazing life in amin she's everything to me and
she said as you said you know what's great is that we learn that
bills that really never stops moving
it's always moving
and we've wrote it why was on its way out
on its way down there still gonna be people making money
why don't we just stop for a minute fair what they're doing
wells or
so conversation that i
never think that
three-and-a-half four years later we'd be talking about how much
just completely transform their lives
and johnson
we got involved in those dates as we had uh...
replace that income
and down the hall toliet saved us from filing bankruptcy and
in the skies the limit that some new authorizes club came to be you know we
got educated we went out there
take anyone else we doing out there we've seen and then you see a late night 0:02:27.900,0:02:29.209New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside infomercial
running its
yeah multiple versions of the same thing you know
volume one house and you're going to have some united and you know in this
was some we miss that
they required people
we miss that are required community and and resources in
you know a lot of those programs we bought they always say hegel develop
your team in
and so are looking for those came all we're really finding with other people
in seminars are like us that were
speaking trying to do something more and yet we were all kind of into the day we
were stopper in the same spots looser networking with the exact same people
there once inspires us all
that and really work
and a half frustrating we spent
in excess of a hundred thousand dollars like coming round we went to summarize
what's meant for us
but all these things but we never ferry may like
in our backyard like
people make it touched or actually doing real estate
was always these theories as always you could do this and people are doing this
to ten years ago
when we finally broke and we we found a group of people ever do it in week which
is really cultivated it for all that we could in just a
what are they doing what we can relate
let's not try to reinvent the wheel
but let's rather let's just get on that train and move it forward
das foreign
two years into this thing now on
we've got some huge offices over five thousand square feet
we went from an eight hundred square foot little tiny practice for a tax
practice too
two thousand square feet we book two thousand square feet in ten months
the fire department showed up and said if too many people in the air worthiness
shut it down if you do this again
or neighbors were matters that we took a parking for all city block
over the phone i have
also we're faced with
man is a lot of people don't want this information there's a lot of people they
need help there's a
and we started flowing like a
earlier tremendous responsibility
New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside and um... you know it's been said many times and you want to buy a used clothes
like for the church
they come in the ministry it's like
through the damien
were all these people we just want exacting
inside a life you know we all need more money
because of what
you know whatever that is where that that looks like and so
with my two thousand square feet of five thousand two i do
just uh...
just met with management wiccan that doubling our space now we've got a
waiting list of people i want to be in hand
with this really really excited about the possibility of
of what this is done all because of the simple conversation
randomly in some places that i quit an awful good about doing these mortgages
and we have to work
to switch our business plan
and New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside
basically evolve our way of thinking
uh... visits i think that's what rob so we see a lot of people get into here is
they get a fixed way of thinking
and as the economy shifts
first things change their unwilling to change
and fortunately a lot of people hurting because of that cell
signal the body of causes a great way of
be able to take our experiences our mentors experiences
bring them all under one roof
and just dramatically she people's lives affected him
you know you are devices credits really it's an extension of my family
m i had to leave it's my calling i'm absolutely convinced of that
i am
trainer listed investors you know and i teach some classes and because of my
experience that for me at the end of the day it's really all about the people
on the opportunity that weekend i tell people all the time yes it's really
state but 0:06:09.449,0:06:12.719New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside at the end of the day x this system needs to be able to get into the
ultimate in distress to be
whatever it is
that people are intending to be here with a purpose is supposed to be in your
mission statement says
you know it's
to empower and encourage people
uh... to be kind to fulfill their purpose in life
that's what we want to do
and once you really begin to without your purpose in life
it's still transforming it's life-changing and that's how you
get out of bed everyday inspired
and for me that's what this is a town dishes helping people
watching people inspired all the time and then you know what happened spend a
monitoring will inspire others
so it's really cool uh... it's the most rewarding it's it's really chryslers
ultimately so it's an honor it's an honor and privilege to be able to
New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside experiences of people go wow he now u_s_ you help people all the time in
the truth is it's released office
visits it is a fear there's a there's a part of us so we've
really recognize that
uh... is very satisfying is very filling for us
and so while we pour in a league and other people
home with both become
andy lack of a better word here dedicated
to watched other people six that's really is
where we're sitting here we've created um... numerous companies outside of
north of our if people come here from
hummel i've just met two guys that flew in from phoenix arizona
you know to come in because there's a psychotic this just doesn't exist
anywhere heard about it i want to come see
they flew air america their they're hanging out here in
and uh... 0:07:53.370,0:07:56.629New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside tons of companies that are being
being made out of this office by people meeting each other from all walks of
life in
one person that strongly one area and one person that's that's wrong another
putting together
perfect partnership with these people are now going clicking checks in
everybody's always
there was leaking all within a few times
and there they'll come to us a little how much you make all these deals
and uh...
you know the truth is we make nothing
we make nothing on their deals a real estate deals with them
we simply provide
uh... a facility where people come they get educated they get to know each other
and beyond the dates it's all about those relationships cuz grills it's
nothing more than a relationship businesses
i tell people time if you can relate to someone else they gotta change
and that the other day if you want to be in the scary attribute that to be able 0:08:42.990,0:08:45.490 New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside to relate to the people
your chances are you really want to be able to relate to the people for some
reason or not
he should come hang out with us for a while
because we've seen people that have been some most introverted p
i mean e_-cash in might place you know it's
are one of our are hence the former perfect students
because the guy when i first met him intramolecular murray
all right
sat outside in the parking lot and we talked for like four hours
till two o'clock in the morning just come in time
any cash enemies like manic
my life is not had the right direction i wanted to and making you know three
thousand dollars a month and then making up for six years
uh... i commute all day and governor koran unhappy in life
and he's like
on one of you New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside
doing your molina deal all i wanna do is what you guys are doing i wanna do this
one what's the first thing i should do
and a member telling them straight out in the first thing that you might as you
know it into your cup
anxiety out iranian as we head into your cup
get rid of all the stuff that that you think you know
give it all the stuff that everybody else tells you
to read all the negative things in your life
get rid of them
and then start over from scratch what do i do
you know he was perfect outed anion began when out he made money
suddenly he's making three times what is making it work
on a part-time basis mcdowell in from thirty six grand a year to holland ten
and his companies like
okay quit yet can equate yes quite yet
to have to keep working
and now is great because of the now you know it years ago due
we're working on a couple of deals his son's close a couple of years he's got a
house for five hundred box that's
you know how to earn
New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside animal eighty thousand our home that
he took over subject to there for five hundred bucks
moved in was on some this is a house that
he had been told hey you gotta put down
twenty percent it'll get this house then
instead we took that twenty percent we kinda short cell from
another couple students there i think those friedan
freedom carries the learners actually mine
so so so yesterday
answers how much i know and you don't think it is the old yeah that's right
and at that approval got over to him he is no cash flowing like foreign
fifty-five about a month
that deal
and uh...
then one-c_ clothes that you know
now it's okay that six months ben reserves in your bank account glenn quit
your job
you know proven
now you can take something part time
and replace your full-time income so
that for us is so cool cuz
without making money off
uh... we don't
New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside i'm in africa deal that
you gave them
she gave them
uh... most the profit that was a nanny has is just about helping somebody else
and putting them into a really cool spot so
well you know it's interesting about that is that when mike said i want to do
it you guys do
he wanted to be able to you know do you really state
but at the end of the day that someone is really about unity really wanted to
doing to help change plans
great guys
united investing and away from that really when that might
micah not looking in the eye
huge he was
yeah space of
of being introverted and shy in a certain way that
if he had to look at the growing is talking to you in
and uh...
you nobody had ever
you know really poured into him that
this is all possible
and he's the body into
there are things that are out there life only solve there was something different
uh... that's exactly what he's done now is one of our leadership me office
he runs his own team he's got a teen people doing short sales mccormack
auction properties 0:12:25.690,0:12:27.720New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside it's possibly see somebody
with no education
has never done that woman built for himself is like
you know we've we make would poke fun at around him
but uh... note on the college none of that stuff
yet uh...
highly successful because the was willing to be cultural
cummins set aside what he thought he knew
and i'm stumped just a model student so
we're looking for a lot more those monsoons because we believe that that's
really the only way
array of change
city changed the face of this economy
lerman pitchmen people sit around waiting for it to happen
might just say you know
i'm here let's go there's no turning back and not the kind of people that we
want to work with
people there said nah go on i wanna be
their what does that take
well with you know learned that um...
you know the things we always we limit ourselves
by sending a whole 0:13:16.730,0:13:18.280New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside brought try or maybe
hears about ideas that when you come down
spent some time with us some we're gonna get rid of those book i know they were
as real quick
priscilla trying there is no maybe there is no hoping
you to do it or you know
and that's what we've got here is a group of people
but just day in and day out do it
and is it
is that some sort of easy get-rich-quick anything now
he requires effort if it was easy everybody would be doing it
disease even the watching this video right now looking to find somebody going
where is the real people was a so but i think coming out with entitlement like
but she's a real person you know
and that's what school you know everything that we're doing is
allowing people to get to the next long long life and if i die tonight i know
that you know i've done the best so i can given when i got on zero regrads my
wife knows that she's my everything i love for more
life itself and uh... i do know that god loves me because he gave me her 0:14:16.360,0:14:20.600New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside and so i just eyes one everybody the live the same kind of life that if they
can get that
all this stuff just as secondary money a secondary
i guess what
make sense different here in the wealth advisors client
is that it's not so much the education that we have the training that we have
it's that's
available anywhere you can really find it anywhere
the difference is is the people
flights difficult to duplicate what we do cuz you can't really duplicate people
what makes us stronger
is the relationships that we have with each other design no eileen know that
you will not find anybody out there
who is committed
cheers success
like we are wake
the way everybody is around here they they love each other
alaskans people actually do believe it
you know like it's funny they're legal what's going on here
you know an especially people didn't really staged and business people are
consistent cutthroat
they don't they don't believe that they don't think that it's really true but i
what it is it's absolutely betreff
New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside i'm still it is a specific kind of person
that we're looking for
match you know
is willing to put somebody else's success and of themselves
understanding you know that all
absolute truth that if you just put other people at yourself
everything you want us to come to you know there really is the business model
that we live by it's kind of our motto
and uh... you-know-what it takes all the pressure away from you
it makes it way and then fine
it makes it into a ball
in it's rewarding
you know he its
that is what separates that's because that information is the information fast
but people
you just can't use can duplicate them not to make all the difference presently
anchorage anybody's watching us
you need to do it every gotta do to get down here anion
don't come out as was on a drive-in is the sense that you know
i met your life my shed light on mean seriously a m
if if there was something that was 0:16:23.350,0:16:27.340New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside really if you really really came to the core of what we do and figure out
why did you want real six of the straight with you
okay rural state
i don't look at a house and go wow look at those two-by-fours
that grasses bed nasa that's colin powell in iran i saw him someone account
online picking up a hammer and one of our national know that stuff what i want
to spend more time with my family
i want to create a legacy i want them to have something someday other than social
insecurity you know i want them to have something and so
i'd just encourage anybody that still looking at that they've made
gotta do whatever they gotta do
to take it on right here right now come down check us out see that were for real
and and make sure that you
they you really come into something deeper than
wilson will help you with that while p press
that was something that was tough for us to figure out why are we doing that's
what's driving us
and once you figure out what that drive it is
that it's like anything else in life you won't quit go quickly zone option is not New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside
an option for me too
waste all the money that we had made family my family high and dry some
option for me
uh... sasha from a wife to just on the card instead acquit
you know we we've been given a lot and we wanted
we want to go out and
help other people uh... figure out what that is that's burning inside of them
and rules that's just the way to make a bunch of money each have a whole lot of
fun and create that welfare everybody really wants to build up a forward and
help on somebody else if that's you
till he got to do to get down here
because the trains moving
and it's not sit on the track china through this thing out we figured it out 0:18:10.360,0:18:14.570New Wealth Advisors - Founders Dave & Melina Boswell Real Estate Investing Trainers in Riverside and it's moving if you wanna kilmer train before we pick up too much spm
pass you by i suggest you do a really really soon