120502 Weekly Idol Onew cut 1 (subs)

Uploaded by Onewthings on 02.05.2012

Please greet for the viewers
Hello we're shining SHINee
[This isn't CG? They're the real thing?]
Shadow dance!
You're good
It looks like 봉산탈춤 (=Korean traditional dance)
I'm almost SHINee's sasaeng fan
Shinee really shines
Have you guys ever seen Weekly Idol?
Yes we have
We don't remember the groups prior SHINee
I worry for next week
Our Onew-kun has been our ranking 4 times
Duet idol 4th
Ethical idol 3rd
Mom's favourite idol 8th
What's that!?
Brainy idol 10th
[Take a photo]
[Write something]
[Lean on a wall]
[Don't ruin Sherlock dance]
Take a look! (video clip of dancing)
Not looking. Dance for us here
We have nothing to say
Just a moment
Taemin is in the front most of the times?
Why doesn't Onew and Minho change positions?
Why just the 3 of you busy?
[The uncomfortable truth behind perfect dancing]
Why just the 3 of you busy?
You're imagining things
This isn't imagining
No I think you're imagining
Only the 3 of you are busy
In truth, we only danced
Ah we danced the first verse
In the second verse, there will be Minho-kun
What is this!?
Why are you over there?
This is no good
When a person isn't doing well, there is a reason
You guys are really good
You guys are the best
Isn't SHINee enough with 4 members?
I'm sorry
Onew: Am I here?
It was me! I am the mistake!