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The history of Grand Theft Auto
The history of Grand Theft Auto
The early 90´s brought many changes to the gaming world.
Because kids who enjoyed PacMan, Zelda or Mario in the 80's, were growing up
And the demand for more mature and bloodier games was on the rise
So, game companies started making more games that were bloodier then ever before
like Wolfenstein or Doom
Games, that were extremely brutal and compared with previous games, meant for older people
But oh, what a surprise, younger gamers loved them a lot also
Back then, most of us were.. in our mothers belly
But kilometers away from Estonia in England two brothers
Dan and Sam Houser, were dreaming of something special
Naah, not GTA, buy they wanted to become rockstars!
The brothers in their early 20´s were about to complete school
and start careers in the field of dreams
Both of them really liked the music culture, especially HipHop
But at the same time they greatly loved storytelling.
So in no time both brothers found themselves in the heart of the music industry
Namely both brothers took jobs at the London BMG Studios
Not as rockstars but simple mail sorters.
But it didnt take too long until BMG wanted to open up their interactive division
Which would start producing videogames
Both brothers grabbed the opportunity and joined the team
at the same time knowing.. that they absolutley
had no idea how video games were made 27 00:02:57,087 --> 00:03:01,094 In the first active years of the company, they realized, that nothing mighty can be done
The games they made were raw and unpolished, so no
wonder they didnt make any good profit for the company
Things were looking bad,
but suddenly, out of nowhere came a team from Scotland. DMA Design
A company, whose most famous game at that time was problably the Lemmings series..
and they wanted funding for their new game.. called.. Race & Chase.
Under closed eyes the DMA Design team demonstrated their early version of the game.
The graphics wasnt anything special and the view was top down 2D
but straight away Dan and Sam Houser saw something special in it.
The game had a big open world and you could go wherever you wanted
Pedestrians walked on the streets that you could shoot at
and on the roads there were cars driving.. that you could steal!
There were no barriers preventing you to go somewhere
also you could drive over any pedestrian at any time as you pleased.

This was what the Houser brothers were waiting for all these years
Something, that was revolutionary
So, no suprise that DMA Design got the funding
and the team began working on completing the game!
Because the game was so huge
and something like this had never been done before.. it took time to code
So the game got delayed for almost 3 years from
the original deadline before being released!
But finally it was finished... and the name wasn't Race & Chase anymore....
but Grand Theft Auto!
When GTA appeared in the shops in 1997, it struck millions of gamers from their feet.
Huge open world, where you could do almost anything you wanted.
Yes, all was still in 2D, but that wasn't a problem for anyone.
Steal cars, make chaos in downtown and run over people with not a care in the world.
Let's make this short, the game sold pretty nice!
Over 2 million copies, which back then, was a pretty big number
But even that couldn't save BMG's Interactive department
Which quietly was going into bankruptcy.
meanwhile.. over the puddle
a company was searching for a new team that could make something great.
TakeTwo, a company that was started by 21 year old "Ryan Brant".
They wished that their new game was something mature, hip and cool 65 00:05:19,021 --> 00:05:22,800 and as soon as they saw what BMG Interactive had done
TakeTwo bought BMG's Interactive department outright in 1998.
But as TakeTwo was a couple of thousand kilometers away in New York
it was finally time for the two brothers and a great team to head on out to a bit more rockstar-ish place, New York!
Also it was time for a new name for the team, so they became.. Rockstar Games
As they arrived into United States, they moved in to a small apartment on the first floor
in the New York SoHo residential district.
First thing they did was contact DMA Design
and got to work on a small expansion for the original GTA - namely Grand Theft Auto London.
It was mostly the same game, but took place in the 60's London.
It had new interesting vehicles and missions.
Meanwhile, work started on the next installment of GTA.
The new version of the game, was still in 2D
But it could already use the first 3D graphics cards
and show a little bit more blood and explosions
in amazing level of detail.
So now, there could be a lot more people, vehicles on the screen at the
same time, simply but, a lot more action happening on screen at once.
to make the huge city feel living.. or well dying because of you..
Like in the previous game, you could go to your friends place with a computer
and play together over the local network or Internet with up to 6 players.
There were also gang wars, the city was divided into three factions.
You go and kill the gangs you don't like and the respect of the others towards you rises.
Also, there was an opportunity to do missions for all the gangs
you kill the ones you don't like, and you gain respect.
Wich comes in handy when you drive 180 km/h on the highway and try to lose the cops
You drive to the district where you have enough respect and
the gang members on the street, will come and help you out!
Apart from the new weapons and vehicles
for the first time you could get FBI and even the army to hunt you down.
when you did a bit too much chaos in the world..
wich made all the escaping extremely entertaining!
After school go behind the computer with friends and see..
who can stay alive the longest with 6 star wanted rating.
So, on the 30'th September 1999 Grand Theft Auto 2 arrived onto store shelves!
And like the first game of the series, the second
one also sold pretty well, over 3 million copies!
You could wonder that the team was extremly satisfied with themselves.. but not quite!
Rockstar's team deep down knew that they could do even better and they didn't
want to earn millions of dollars.. they wanted hundreds of millions!!!
Vision of a dream infront of their eyes.. the team
began thinking on the next installment of GTA.
This time, they wanted to make something unprecedented good
and for that they had to do some serious work!
First, the game had to fit for everyone
not only for the cold-blooded gamers who sit the whole day behind a computer
but for people, who don't usually play videogames at all!
Also, the new game HAD to be in 3D!
Although 2D top down view was a safe place for GTA and Rockstar team
they knew, if they wanted to make history, they had to take risks! And that... was a reasonable risk.
3D video cards were just about coming out..
nVidia released the GeForce series and ATI was coming out with
the Radeon series, it was finally time to move from 2D to 3D!
The pinnacle of 3D Graphics in 2001
This is a 3DMark 2001 demo video
The fastest video card at that time scored about 6000p
The world record right now is 164,000p
3DMark is the most famous computer test program in the world
When watching this footage, mouths fell open, nobody had ever seen such beautiful graphics in realtime before!

Who cares that it ran 10 FPS back then...
Scene from the Matrix? This is made with Max Payne game engine.
thousands of people tried to get 30 FPS on this test, so that Max Payne game would run smooth on their PC when it came out.

if you didn't have a good graphics card, there were no pieces falling off the walls.
Back then this was like looking at "Crysis 10"...
How much does your computer score in 3DMark?
Plan completed and the team begun work!
The first thing they needed was a powerful game engine which could allow all of this.
For that, they contacted a small company... named... Criterion Games!
Yes, yes, the same company that is hard at work at the moment on the new Need For Speed Most Wanted game!

But who mostly are known for their great Burnout series.
Criterion.. made the game engine named "RenderWare" for GTA III.
At about middle of the 2000´s the team had a city up and running
You could run around in the city, and boost cars.
At that time the whole team started to realize, that
this really might be something special in the making!
Something, that has never been done
And all of this seemed extremely exciting.
Like the first and second, the third had to be with big open world,
so the players could go anywhere where they wanted when they wanted.
No other company dared to accept this kind of a challenge before.
But the whole team and especially the Houser brothers knew, that you can't get rockstar status when just playing safely.
So all their knowledge and power was but into one huge project.
Early in 2001 the first pictures of GTA 3 appeared on the Internet and the first trailer on 20th September
and here i can personally tell you that this was really something so udderly amazingly beautiful, that you couldn't even dream about before!
This trailer for a lot of gamers will be remembered forever
as one of the best trailers in history ever made!
Time, when the games started to get really cool and GTA.. was leading everybody!
On the 22th October 2001 GTA III finally released on the Playstation 2.
Selling over 6 million copies in less then a year.
And Further more in 2008 the number has sold over 15 million copies!
Simply but, this was a masterpiece!
Here was a game, that looked way better than any other game on the market.
And on top of it all you had total freedom in the game to do whatever you wanted, no narrow corridors!
Criterions RenderWare game engine fit like a fist into the eyesocket for Rockstars GTA 3.
The whole GTA feeling was still the same and even better.
There was a rule: What you see, you can go there!
For the first time, there was also a good story, which was much better compared to the older games
and thanks to 3D finally there were cutscenes, which dragged you more and more into the game.
The whole GTA 3 took place on three islands, which supposedly was real life New York city.
But the copyrights prevented them from using real names, so they renamed it as Liberty City.
Many thought that because of the 9/11 attacks, much good stuff was removed from the game, which is not quite true
Sam Houser has told in several interviews that actually they only removed a few lines of the gamecode
they only changed the color of the cop cars and the flight direction of some planes
Also they removed a mission which referred to terrorism and some lines from the radio and some people chatter on the streets.
One of the biggest discussions was about the only plane in the game, whose wings were cut off
and people thought it was done just because of the attacks.
But also that is not true, because the plane "Dodo" was never meant for flying and
they just put it in the game for fun but for whatever reason people went crazy about.
But that flaw was fixed in the upcoming GTA games later on.
One thing they did add to the game was plenty of action and gore, all
that you were used to do in 2D, had to be re-learned in glorious 3D wich was just extremly fun.
Running around the city with a rocket launcher in your hand and making huge chaos, was one of the best things in the game.
Yes there were cops, who wanted to stop you from doing so
but as they always came with better vehicles and weapons, it wasnt such a bad thing...
Driving around your local city block in a tank with 6 stars
you felt like a boss.. gameplay was fun for a long long time.
Now, when they had done great job with DMA Design for a long time, who in the first place came out with the GTA idea
Rockstar/TakeTwo bought the company in 2002 - DMA became Rockstar North!
In the same year, they released GTA3 finally on the PC which looked even better than on console
mostly thanks to the bigger resolution, anti-aliasing and higher quality textures.
But this wasn't exactly the best console port, you needed a really good computer to run it on max graphics and resolution
So most of us just used 640x480 resulution.
Now, when GTA3 was breaking all kinds of records and gamers were drooling on their keyboards out of amazement
the team was thinking on a new GTA installment..
and that ofcourse was Grand Theft Auto Vice City!
For the new game, they sent a group of people directly to Miami, to search for ideas for the new game GTA.
Vice city was supposed to be a mix of Miami Vice, Scarface and other 80's movies/serials
Also the team brought a big selection of music to the game, almost 7 CD's of music!
And also there were famous people voicing the characters
Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper, and Jenna Jameson.
The first trailers of the game appeared just a few months before the release. But oh god how the Rockstar team got another bullseye once again.
Like the GTA 3 trailer you can say that also the Vice City first few trailers will be remembered by gamers forever! They were simply amazing.
80's were back
and if you couldn't go to a club yourself in the 80´s then GTA brought this straight to you.
So just a year after the release of GTA3
Vice City was released on 27th October 2002 for the Playstation 2.
The game still used Criterions "RenderWare" game engine
but it still was slightly improved and looked better then GTA 3.
Vice City took place on two bigger and several smaller islands.
The map was a bit larger than in GTA3 and this time it had planes and helicopters in it!
But also it was the first time you could handle a bike in 3D GTA!
Vice City made you really feel, like you actually went back in time right to the 80's Miami kind of town.

Many colorful tones and weird clothes...
The game also featured many minor changes
like you could shoot the tires off the cars, break car windows, do a wheelie with a bike, go to clubs and much much more.
Which in a complete package added a lot to the entire game.
Also, you could now purchase companies around the city so to make them earn money for you.
Like a car dealership, movie studio, harbour and so on..
There were more than 110 vehicles in the game, compared to GTA3, that had about 80
The story also got tweaked and thanks to a celebrity cast and good acting the main story was very good.
Dan and Sam Houser had quietly shaped up the early Race & Chase game to be one of the best ever freeroam world games out there
while being the main writers and producers on the entire series, who constantly thought up crazy ideas for the game.
Now, it was time to move straight from 80's to the 90's Hip-Hop culture.
What the brothers wanted to do since they were little, was about to come true!
And that was ofcourse Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
This time the game had to take place on a huge game world and at the same time include
insane amounts of content and activities that would glue gamers to their TV-s for days.
It was the biggest challenge since the release of GTA 3.
The leaders were making on of the biggest masterpieces in gaming history!
Once again Rockstar hired some famous actors to do voices for some of the ingame characters
although Rockstar has mentioned, that they don' just want famous people
but people, whose voice really fits the game.
So, when there are some famous people in their list, he/she is picked by listening to a movie they have been in with closed eyes they have been in with closed eyes and thinking on how well he/she performs in that movie.

Voice actors in San Andreas were people like.. Faizon Love, Clifton Powell, The Game, Ice T, David Cross, Bill Fitchner,James Woods and Samuel L. Jackson

The entire San Andreas story had to be many times more gripping then ever before.
So thanks to this huge line of great voice actors, this part of the game seemed great.
Next, once more, they had to bring something new to the game that they had never done before
one simple change in the code and finally for the first time in GTA history swimming was made possible!
Although all the cities were blocked off by barriers in every other GTA game, including San Andreas, preventing you from going to another city
then in San Andreas this was not a problem, from the very first game minutes you could explore the whole game world as you wished!
Of course they made it a little harder, so when you swam or drove a boat to another city in the very beginning, when you haven't unlocked
then the FBI came straight after you
but like in all GTA games, this wasnt exactly a bad thing..But a good thing!
One of the biggest things and changes was the abiltiy to finally customize your character.
Drive around the whole day doing missions without much exercise and eventually your character would get fat

But if you find time to go to the gym and so, you will be slim and get muscular
There were insane amounts of activites to do over the vast San Andreas state.
You don't like your hair? Go to the barber.
Don't like your tattoos? Get them removed or make new ones!
There were also lots of many new vehicles, over 200 different vehicles wich to drive around the huge state!
Also, for the first time you could customise your vehicle.
Which wasn't much, but still many liked it
Also, when before you could do all kinds of mini missions by sitting into a cop car, ambulance or something

but this time, they brought a special car for robbing
Once again the Criterion made RenderWare game engine was
used that by this time was even more improved.
From the graphic side, they went even further, adding correct better shadows and light models.
The entire game took place in three cities: Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas.
and if you think a little, you can realize it's Los Angeles, San Fransisco and Las Vegas
Once again there were planes and helicopters, but this time, there were a lot of them and you could also go to flying school
Also you could take one proper plane, fly to a bigger city, jump out of the plane and then open your parachute
Yes, you could even train your basejumping skills in the game.
The whole Rockstar's team tried to give everything they could give
Everyone, who put the game together, tried to give their maximum
so people could remember as their part of the game as the coolest thing in GTA
This kind of passion towards making of the game couldnt go wrong..
well.. so thought the person who made the only sexual part for GTA,

which was removed from the final game, but when it appeared on the computer, the modders found it
What now brought a lot of trouble to the entire team.
18+ rating was thrown out the window and "adult only" got applied.
That meant that they couldn't sell it in most of the shops anymore, luckily Rockstar wasn't the poorest of companies
and after several millions of dollars they removed the entire code from the game.
The only thing that could limit their game was maybe the DVD size, Blu-Ray was still the future dream...
So on 26th of October 2004 San Andreas was finally realeased on the PS2
Which straight away started braking all kinds of records.
On March 2005, the game had sold over 12 million copies
which made it the best selling game ever on PlayStation 2.
In 2009, it had sold over 21 million copies,
where 17 million were for PlayStation 2 copies.
In 2010, the game got third place on most sold video games of all time!
Meanwhile, when San Andreas released, GTA also got released for the Gameboy Advance,
named Grand Theft Auto Advance but what simply is called nowadays GTA Advance.
The game was made by Digital Eclipse
and Rockstar helped to publish the game
For the first time, it was not made by Rockstar game studios
In conclusion, GTA Advance got pretty good grades, considering how it looked graphically on the Gameboy.
GTA Advance was many times more cut down then even GTA 1 and 2
but only because at that time the Gameboy was the most powerful portable console, which wasn't nearly as good a PSP...
The biggest cutdown game from the music so to get the size of the game down as much as possible.
Meanwhile Sam Houser thought that it would be so cool if you could one day bring a game like San Andreas on a similar console like the Gameboy that you could carry with you.
On the 12th of December 2004 a magic gadget called the PSP aka PlayStation Portable finally arrived to the world!
which but the whole Rockstar team working again, to make a game for this magical new gadget.
Back when it could show almost the same graphics as computers and consoles..
although PSP firstly came out late 2004, it didnt arrive to
European market until almost a year later in September of 2005
But the timing was about right, because Rocksar Leeds released Grand Theft Auto on the 24th of October 2005 for the PSP.
The game was called Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories. It was almost the same game as GTA3 four years before, but had new vehicles, missions etc.
And of course, you could play the PSP version everywhere you wanted.
Sam Houser has told, that the only negative thing about the PSP GTA games is timing.
Liberty City Stories came out four years after the original on the PS2 and the same thing with Vice City Stories wich came out four years later on the PSP.
If the timeframe had been smaller then both PSP titles would have been a lot more successful.
But as always we need to wait on technology to reach the point where all of this is even possible for such tiny consoles.
But technology was ready for a new big console and next generation GTA!
Year after San Andreas release, 22nd of November
2005, Microsoft released the Xbox 360 on the market
But because Sony was a little behind with their PS3
it was time for Microsoft to reveal the next installment of GTA.
So on the worlds biggest gaming expo E3 2006
Peter Moore showed his new tattoo to the world.
This was a legendary moment!
Now, over the internet exploded almost the same buzz around GTA 4 like it had been with GTA3 release.

Here were super powerful new generation consoles
At E3, games like Killzone 2, Gears of War
and many more games were demonstrated, which all had insanely good graphics.
Now, everyone had one question! How insane is the next GTA going to be?
If you take into consideration on how much effort they put in all
of the previous GTA titles then GTA 4 had to come with a bang!
So on the 1st of March 2007, the GTA IV website appeared, with a timer, which stopped on
29th of March and Rockstar finally released the first teaser trailer of the new GTA game
which showed Grand Theft Auto in a whole new generation of games.
It was beautiful
Over a long time, GTA used a new game engine, which was their own, RAGE game engine.
It allowed much better graphics and thanks to Euphoria engine, which was for animations, amazing physics
That just blew you away..
Today, modders have done many many crazy modifications for the game and some of them look just absolutly astonishing

i surely recommend to test them yourself
Rockstar Games started working on GTA IV in November 2004, no vacation under palm trees but straight on to work on the next installment.
This version of the game HAD to look much more realistic
and that's what the RAGE game engine allowed
When before GTA's had more of a cartoonish look to them
then this GTA had to be something similar to real life
GTA IV took place once more in Liberty City, the same city, as in GTA 3
Good news for some people and not so good for others.
But which all together turned out to be a pretty good step
because the whole game world was almost as big as San Andreas
GTA 3 Liberty City was maybe only a quarter of the size of the whole map.
And also to top it off it had much better graphics then ever before
and had many minor details that decorated the whole landscape.
Allthough the new technology may have made the development much harder
it really didn't shake Rockstar one bit.
With the exact same dedication and spirit as always
they went on developing the game as done before with every other GTA game.
Making the new Liberty City one of the most realistic game world that has ever been done
As always, the game had things in it that were controversial,
there was always someone, who wanted to sue Rockstar
for a inhuman game.
Rockstar didn't really care about those controversies because a game is still a game!
And Sam Houser has told that probably the disputes start because videogames are well games.. and that makes somepeople think straight away on 8 year old kids and super mario.
But on the release of GTA 4 Rockstar didnt let anyone distract them
and they added more and more controversial stuff into the game.
Like you can go to a bar, buy alcohol
and then when you're drunk, try to drive over as much people as possible.
Of course, this is very bad-bad in reality
but it's still a game and in a game there should always be the freedom to do anything you want!
One of the biggest problems with making the game wasn't the people who tried to sue them
but programming the game itself and trying to get it to fit on a small DVD.
Because for the first time the game had to come out for the Xbox 360 and the PS3
the new technology made some headache
Xbox had the pleasure of coding the actual game because of the Windows interface but had a bad time fitting on the small 8.5Gb DVD
and you had to take into consideration that many Xbox360 consoles didnt come with a hard drive but the game HAD to work on all of those consoles.
Playstation 3 had it all the other way around
but in the end both versions came out very similar!
One of the biggest news from GTA IV was from multiplayer, for the first time in GTA's history, you were able to run around with friends in a 3D world and make chaos
there were several gamemodes, you could deathmatch or just chill with your friends
The game physics had been greatly improved compared to older GTA games
and that stood out immediately when you played GTA IV, it was amazingly good that no other game has beaten so far
Well ok maybe, this years Max Payne 3, but which we all know is Rockstars own creation and we can assume, that we will see the same physics in GTA 5
Rockstar advertised the game pretty big before the release, sticking logos on walls and busses
And when 29th of April 2008 finally arrived.. GTA IV was released!
The whole gamers world was turned upside down, the first next generation GTA was finally in hands reach!
Those hands.. were a record braking lot! Rockstar was making history once
again, in the first 24 hours, they sold over 3 million copies of the game!
and after the first week, the number was grown over 6 million
GTA IV got in the Guiness World Record book
as the most sold game in first week and first day
That brought in a whopping 300 million dollars of revenue on the FIRST day..
Now that makes heads turning
But like Rockstar always, they didn't go on a vacation to celebrate..
but got onto working on extra game content!
The first DLC, The Lost and the Damned came almost a year after the release of GTA 4 on 17th of February 2009.

where you took role of an entirely new character..
The second DLC was released on 29th of October 2009 and it was named The Ballad of Gay Tony
Where once again, you were playing with a new character!
and there were so many new missions that you could really call it a whole new game..
Rockstar's GTA IV's DLC's have been named as the best DLC's ever made
Because it felt more like an oldschool expansion pack, rather than just some new guns addon DLC.
Also, on 17th of March 2009 Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars on the Nintendo DS
Which took place once again in Liberty City.
For the first time GTA used Cel Shading technology which is used in games like Borderlands or XIII.
Simply, it makes the game more cartoonish.
With Chinatown it fit perfectly and the game got pretty good grades!
Some months later, on 20th of October, it was released also on the PSP, wich also recived very good reviews.
The game is also available on the iPhone.
Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is the highest rated game on Nintendo DS and has second positsion on PSP
So this has been the journey for Rockstar Games at the moment..
Sam and Dan Houser, starting as simple mail sorters and ending as the most successful game makers in the world!
The whole team is still together and strong
and already they are making the NEXT GTA..
2013 should be the year, when we are going to see the masterpiece GTA 5
The game that should be many times bigger, than even San Andreas!
but at the same time having much more content then ever before.
Most people all over the world are anxious whenever someone mentions something about GTA
Be it a new modification for the game that the fans create for the game or something made by Rockstar themselves.
All the games that Rockstar lays its hands on seem to turn into pure gold..
lets wait and see where shall the future take us..
but one thing is for sure, Rockstar, is a pioneer for everybody!