Women's Week, Celebrating The Fact You Have A Vagina

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.....and that is how I ended up headbutting a gorilla.
Hi, I am Hugh Jass, and today I am joined by award-winning feminist author,
Mary Hinge.
Hello, Mary, and welcome.
Thank you, Hugh.
What are you going to teach us today?
I am going to teach you all about women's week,
an event that takes place all over the world.
Good stuff.
Do you have any new books you would like to plug?
Yes, I wrote one in celebration of women's week, it's called,
"Worshipping The Stench Trench: A Detailed List Of Everything Positive That Feminism
Has Done For Women".
Sounds interesting,
when did you write it?
When I went for a piss earlier.
How big is this book of feminist achievements?
Technically it's not a book, it's written in big letters
on the back of a stamp.
Good luck with the book,
I mean stamp.
So you are going to teach us about women's week,
please explain a little about it.
It's a time when all women around the world say, "I was born with a vertical smile, therefore
my existence should be celebrated".
So it's basically a week
where women celebrate the fact
that they were born female?
It sounds like some lame-ass shit.
It is, but women need to be constantly told
that they hold some worth, since they are nothing more than overgrown children.
True that. What other things do these overgrown children do
during women's week?
They wear T-shirts with various feminist slogans that don't hold any real meaning, like
"Strength Through Solidarity"
or, "This Is What A Feminist Looks Like".
What other meaningless bullshit do they participate in?
There are lots of lectures all over college campuses,
teaching women that they are victims, and it's a great time for feminist authors like myself,
because we sell more of our inane drivel during women's week.
What kind of publicity does it get?
Worldwide publicity.
politicians, and leaders talk about it, and it's always amusing to witness them squirm.
What do you mean?
Well whenever someone publicly mentions women's week,
they spout the same tired old cliches,
and it's fun to watch them trying to avoid the obvious.
What is the obvious?
The obvious, is that there are not many women who have achieved anything of any real worth,
so they have to repeat cliche after cliche,
without actually naming any woman who is worthy of respect.
What are some of the cliches used?
Piles of shit like,
"Great women of the past"
or, "Taken great strides for women" or absolute nonsense like,
"World would be a different place without women's input",
They say all this drivel,
but don't actually back it up
by naming any woman of any worth,
or name anything they have ever done, they just keep repeating over and over,
"Great women from the past",
leaving us guessing as to whom they speak of.
So they claim they have achieved a lot in the name of women,
yet fail to mention a single example.
Yes, all the time.
There is also a balancing act that women have to perform during women's week, it's quite
What type of balancing act?
We have to keep a balance between achievement, and victimhood.
On the one hand, we use women's week
to bang on endlessly about how wonderful and important women are,
but on the other hand, we use women's week
to push the absolute lie that women are victims, that is why
you always hear stupid cows say,
"Blah, blah, blah,
women have achieved a lot",
"Blah, blah, blah,
taken great strides",
"Blah, blah, blah".
They always end their boasting
about how great women are
with a little disclaimer,
to hold on for dear life
to their victim status, it usually goes like this,
"Blah, blah, blah, but let's not forget,
women still have a lot to fight for",
"Blah, blah, blah,
we still earn less", "Blah, blah, blah, etc".
So they take one step forward,
then two steps back?
Pretty much, yes.
Should women's existence be celebrated?
Absolutely not,
but how else are women
going to get a pat on the back for nothing?
They are certainly not going to earn it,
so they might as well set a specific week aside
to remind people that they exist,
so that it can be all about them for a whole week.
Why only a week?
That really surprises me too,
what with women's ability
to make every situation about them.
I am surprised it's only a week.
Personally, I would have wanted a whole year,
but I'm greedy.
I could tell
just by looking at your ass.
What should the average guy like myself do
during women's week?
You should be grateful to all the women you know,
and thank them all for existing.
Is there any fun for men
during women's week?
Yes, you get to witness celebrities and politicians
put on the performance of their lives
when they try to actually convince everyone that women are somehow special.
Are they not special?
Not any more than men,
but that doesn't stop them
from being treated like a special interest group, similar to bind orphans.
That's where the fun is, watching people spout bullshit in order to convince the gullible
masses that women are worth more than they have proven they are.
Absolutely laughable.
True that.
What does the average woman get out of women's week?
Bugger all.
It's mainly used by feminists
to spread endless lies about women being victims, and lies about women being achievers. The
average woman gets nothing out of women's week.
It's not as if all women
get a week off work,
it's just a regular week
with the word "Women" in front of it,
but it makes them feel special,
even for a second, about having a spam wallet,
so I suppose it's harmless.
Why is there no men's week, or children's week?
Because unlike women,
men and children are not immature, needy,
desperate for attention,
deluded about the importance of their own existence, or narcissistic,
so they wouldn't want,
or need a week dedicated to them.
Another way to put it,
is that women are the only group pathetic enough to want a week dedicated to them,
whereas men and children are too mature
to demand that kind of special treatment.
So women who take women's week seriously
are less mature than children?
and definitely less intelligent too.
I hear that.
I find women's week to be offensive, not to men,
but to women.
They are not handicapped,
they are not some kind of special case, treating them as such is just disespectful,
do you agree?
but if I sell more books because of it,
who cares if it is offensive to women.
I'm a feminist,
whatever made you think I gave a rat's ass about women?
My mistake.
I guess women can have their pitiful seven days,
us men will just have to put up with the usual
three hundred and sixty five days dedicated to us every year.
You will only waste them.
Well, we will have to leave it there for now,
I would like to thank Mary for her time, thank you, Mary.
No problem, Hugh.
Before we go,
I have a joke for you, Mary.
What did the feminist say
when she saw the sign for the YMCA?
I don't know.
"Look, they have spelled Macy's wrong".
Until next time,