Lisa Vanderpump Testimonial

Uploaded by LaserMiracle on 09.04.2012

Lisa Vanderpump:
Hi, I’m Lisa Vanderpump, maybe you’ve seen me lately on “The Real Housewives of
Beverly Hills.” Being here in Beverly Hills, I have access to the best of the best quite
frankly, but when I met Doctor Simon Ourian, I knew he was a genius cosmetic dermatologist.
And I totally just invested my faith in him. When I first started using Epione skin care
what was very important to me was I had to bring my skin back to where I wanted it to
be. So I used the restoration for a week or two and I noticed a remarkable difference.
Then, coupled with the hydration and the flawless in the morning, I just noticed it really turn
my skin around. This isn’t a superficial skincare line. Doctor Simon Ourian is a doctor
that understands skin all the way through. He deals with a lot of serious problems in
the skin, so he was the man that really was qualified I think to look after my face, and
that’s why we became partners.
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