Titanic 3D - Trailer

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Clive Owen is convinced to become an action star.
And in fact we find him as lead role in Recall, written by Paul Schrader,
better known for the screenplays for Martin Scorsese such as Taxi Driver or Raging Bull.
The director will be Harold Becker
who has not directed since his 2001 Domestic Disturbance.
Shooting should start March of next year in L.A and Bulgaria.
Owen has not produced great films recently,
but it's hard to give up on him, Schrader could be useful.
First images for the new James Bond, Skyfall, have started to leak online.
The movie is shooting in London, in Pinewood Studios,
and recently director Sam Mendes was at a conference confirming the last main details.
Daniel Craig and Judi Dench will obviously still be in the cast,
but at the conference were also present Naomie Harris,
Berenice Marlohe and Javier Bardhem.
Also confirmed Ralph Fiennes.
The interesting tip is that Skyfall will not be part of a trilogy,
but will have his own separate story from the previous movies.
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