Refugee Week

Uploaded by ImmiTV on 09.08.2009

A family outing in the park is a simple pleasure many Australians take for granted, but
it’s a privilege the Shol family is truly thankful for.

Eight years ago, Lal, his wife Aye-oom and their two eldest children fled their war-torn
home in the Sudan for Egypt, in the hope that a safe country would accept them as

Lal says their prayers were answered when their application to come to Australia was

A lot of people talked about Australia, is better than Canada, America, or something
like that.

Four years later, and the Shol family has grown by two and is safe and happily settled
in Sydney’s western suburbs.

The family now celebrating a sinificant milestone, becoming Australian citizens at a
Refugee Week citizenship ceremony in Parramatta.

I’m very happy because from today I will get full rights and I am happy for that.

Three-year-old Awal and her baby brother Quoll supporting big sister Awer, brother Chol,

and Mum and Dad as they took the pledge of allegiance.

The family proud to now call Australia home officially.

We are the Australian people, and we take care of Australian, and Australian take care

of us too.

Chol summing up the special occasion on behalf of the kids.

I feel excited, yeah, and I feel happy.