Downsized - Episode 2 Broken English

Uploaded by overanalyticalprods on 14.08.2009

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Hello? \ Hi!\
You have something wrong with your vacuum cleaner there. It's beyond distracting. Ok,
well, I'm the only here so I guess I'm gonna deal with it, ok? \
Hi. Ok.\ Hi. Ok.\
Hi.\ Thanks. Appreciate it.\
Why not? Because I enjoyed being with you and because the hotel is expensive. It's an
inconvenient time to get a divorce, darling. Let's not. \
Hi.\ Hi. Darling? Hi. No, it's the cleaning lady.
Oh, here you go. No, they're horribly incompetent this cleaning service. It's unbelievable I'm
telling you. I don't why we pay these schmucks at all. Seriously. Who do you guys use? Wait.
I gotta call you back. I'm sorry could you understand that? I'm sorry. I'm such a dick!
No, don't call anyone. It's my fault.\ My brother's son--\
Pardon?\ Six mun. \
Six mun?\ Six mun. Alone.\
Alone?\ Six mun.\
Oh you six months alone. Oh, here. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Ok, alright, here you go. Are you
ok? I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'm gonna get the rest of my day wrapped up here. Oh. \
Woah. I'm married. I'm kinda married.\ Sorry.\
No, I'm sorry. Thank you.\ }