Animation 101 - "La Munkya" Written By A Kid Ep 3 Behind The Scenes

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Aug 1, 2012


I would say to a kid who wants to be an animator, you've got
to love it.
Because if you think about it, standard for animation is 24
drawings for a second.
That's why it takes four years and hundreds and hundreds of
people to produce a movie that we watch in the theaters.
So you've really got to love to draw.
You've got to love to observe life, observe people.
If you don't observe what it is that makes a person and the
story behind that, you can't really translate
that to be on screen.

One big reason that we love this company and having a
company, as opposed to working for somebody else, is you get
to build up a team and work a team and really
bond with each other.
And the three of us founders, we don't even have to explain
ourselves creatively to one another anymore.
It's kind of like we read each other's minds, and we know
what one person's going to say.
So that's amazing.
And that's awesome.
And that's something that I think animation, that kind of
collaborative process, really fosters.

The animatic is used to show the client, here's the moments
that are happening across the story.
So here's when it becomes animated.
And this is what's going on in the
animation when that happens.
So it's kind of like a map.
You want to get things right.
And you want the editing and all that to work, all the
acting to work at that phase, because all the work that you
put into animation and layout and design and color and all
that kind of stuff is really expensive.
It takes a lot of time.
You want to make sure that this animatic--
it's a really important tool, because you want to make sure
that all your major decisions are really locked down at that
point, or else you're going to be in trouble
later down the process.

When you want to do lip sync in animation, an audio clip
has a length that you bring into whatever
program you're working.
It's broken down into 24 frames a second.
You can literally kind of dice up the audio of what
somebody's saying.
So as you hear that, you attach the different mouth
positions you create for each character to that lip sync.
Once you see that character talking and acting and they're
alive, that's it.
That's what they call the illusion of life.
It's really amazing.

If there's a will, there's a way.
You can definitely find a way to just
create your own movies.
When we were younger, we each had our own little story about
how we would create our own movie somehow, whether it was
an old camera that would do frame by frame or moving
puppets around or whatever.
And now, this day and age, technology is so advanced that
you can even use an iPhone.
It's really a privilege to be able to say, I get to make
characters move and come to life for my job.