Dahl and Di Luca salute christmas

Uploaded by Livingdahl on 06.12.2010

Bon Natale and happy holidays. Welcome to Salute Christmas. I'm Lisa Dahl, and I would
like to share with you some of the wonderful holiday dolce from both Dahl and DiLuca and
Cucina Rustica. We are known for our specialty desserts and we have wonderful pastry chefs
in both restaurants. Today we're going to show you some of the fabulous Christmas cookies
made by our chef at Cucina Rustica, as well as our heavenly tiramisu, and our amaretto
cheesecake from Dahl and DiLuca. Our fabulous trifle, which is called Zuppe
Inglese. Now, I'm going to demonstrate how to assemble a Zuppe Inglese, which is an Italian
version of a trifle. First, you start with a beautiful wine glass, of course. Then, you
simply take a few beautiful fresh raspberries or strawberries, for that matter.
Next, we take some homemade custard. Mm, perfect. Then we take some Italian biscotti, which
are lady fingers. And we break them in half. And we are going to soak those, on both sides,
in Grand Marnier. Just like so. Just like lasagna. Next we take some creme anglaise,
and we just drizzle it in this fashion. Now, the next is a homemade chocolate sauce.
And just drizzle a little more of that. Pure heaven. Now, we start again, with another
layer of the raspberries. Drop them in there. And next, another dollop of the homemade custard.
And one more layer of the biscottis that are dipped in the Grand Marnier. Like so.
Once again, the creme anglaise. A little bit more of the chocolate. Mm. And we finalize
it with another little cluster of raspberries. Oh, magnifico! A sprig of mint. Just like
so. And then, the heavenly homemade biscotti. Voila! For the perfect climax to your decadent
dining experience at Dahl and DiLuca or Cucina Rustica, enjoy a glass of our Asti D' Spumanti.
It's the perfect compliment with our heavenly desserts made by our pastry chef. And for
your catering during the holiday season, think of Dahl and DiLuca Decadent Catering. And
think of both of our restaurants for your in house weddings or your offsite affairs.
In food we trust. Salute!