Alexander Rybak - Torsdag kveld fra Nydalen, Part 2 (Eng & Rus subs)

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Last week we got the news that Peter Stordalen was evicted from a hotel,
just about simultaneously with the news that he was seriously concerned about the employees of Choich, who must leave.
And fortunately Petter Stordalen pretty good at distinguishing between serious and fun.
-Alex, Alex, Alex. -You asked for me?
Listen Alex, it's a crisis in Choich. We can not afford to let the employees keep their jobs. That was very sad.
But I'll make sure they get the best ending party.
Party, party, party, party, party, party, just dance together!
What do you want me to do in the middle of this?
You come in during dinner, doing the Rybak-stuff of yours, and do the Frikar.
Fairy-man, Fairy-man, I'm a fairy-man, and gonna kick down the hat... And then I kick my hat. Cool!
Okay, but isn't it a bit silly in terms of economic problems and stuff.
-Alex, Alex, do you hear the finger snaps? -Yes.
It's me. What the cost of the violin?
It costs 2 million, last time I checked. What are you going to do with it?
I just want to see it... When you are finished with Fairyman, so take the fiddle...
-It's cool. -What are you doing? It costs a lot of money.
I buy you a new one. Don't think about that. This will be cool.
I think it's going to be just silly.
It will not be silly... Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex.
I come up on stage and say to the employees in Choich -
I think it is very, very tragic and very, very sad that you lose your jobs, while I take the wings here.
I have the best party trick, and start fly. I only flying because I have so much energy. Do you see that?
-I do not think you should. -I'll buy the wings for money.
-No, no. -Do close out over the meadows.
-I think you can land a bit now. It's a bit strange now.
-So you would not? -No.
Oh, Alex, come on! Fly on the wings of love...
Alexander Rybak. You have also made a controversial song.
Yes, and certainly very important for the present.
It is also a fictional assassination of a manipulative and cynical person.
The song is called "Who shot Henrik Thodesen?"
In this case it is not so many suspects, is it?
No, it can be anyone. But the chorus is that he gets a well deserved shot in the middle of the forehead
and chorus ends with a person laughing.
I see. But why have you made such an unpleasant song?
Unpleasant, I don't think so. My mom listened to it, and she thought it was a happy song.
Hello and welcome to "Under the Skin" by Tina and Bettina.
-Today's guest is Alexander Rybak. Welcome. - Thank you, girls.
Welcome Alexander Rybak. It is a great honor to have you here.
Very nice to be here with you too.
We have some questions for the school newspaper "the 10th class struggle".
Come on.
Question 1: We have heard that you are from Belarus (white-Russia in Norwegian).
Is it nice to come from the part of Russia where they are only white?
It's like comming from Smestad?
It is not quite like that. It's called White Russia because of the mountains is full of lime...
-blah, blah, blah. Next question. -Yes.
We heard that someone broke into your tour bus once, and stole a T-shirt. Is it true?
Yes, it's true. There are many crazy people out there.
We know everything about it, since we are the ones who took it.
We have rented it out to all the girls at school, and they have used it as cozy cloth.
It is quite damaged. Some of the girls, it also lent out to the housekeeping teacher.
Thanks for that.
Question No. 6: We just want to say you are insane handsome.
Thank you, nice to hear, you are very cute you too.
We need to ask about it. No, no, you say it.
Do you have any minimum age for girls that you date or fool around with?
Yes, I must say that I have. How old are you?
We are 15 years old.
That's too young. But if I'm dating both of you at the same time, you could say that you are 30 years.
No, it's not okey, I'm just kidding.
But you can have a hug.
Thank you - Good Bye.
Alexander Rybak, what are you doing here now?
I just want to support Torah and say that I understand how it is to try not have attention.
Stop doing it, seriously. Henrik Thodesen, stop doing it.
It is me who absolutely do not want any attention. And by the way, I am single.
I will just say good luck to all 3 with trying to get less attention.
It is almost over, but not quite. Thanks to Ole and the orchestra.
Go to and see Tina and Bettina exclusive clip. Remeber to make suggestions to Henry's punishment.
I have made many suggestions, but they have been censored. Next week Carpe Diem is guests in Nydalen.
But before it's over, we will do something completely different than what you usually do here Torsdagskveld fra Nydalen.
We will not even try to be funny. We'll just let Alexander Rybak play a particularly fine melody,
which we associate with Ludvigsen who was a common childhood hero to us all.
Thank you, and I hope you had a nice time.
And in case you are wondering, I can assure you forever that...
I'm stupid and delicious, Juba Juba, standing in front of the mirror, Dumb and delicious, Juba Juba