Inspiron 14z Ultrabook from Dell

Uploaded by DellVlog on 13.07.2012

With its sleek, sub-1-inch design, excellent battery life, and
3G/4G wireless broadband options, the Inspiron
14z Ultrabook from Dell is your fast track to the things you like to do most.
2nd and 3rd Generation Intel™ Core processors, solid-state hard
drive options, and Intel™ Rapid Start Technology, get you up and running
fast, booting up and launching applications in just seconds. So you can spend
less time waiting, and more time doing. Enjoy a superior
cinematic experience with fast graphic options on a 14-inch HD
display, and Skullcandy speakers for crisp, super-clean sound.
Dell Stage gives you one-click access to manage your photos, videos,
music, e-books, and more, while the integrated DVD drive makes it a breeze
to read and write your media. The ultra-thin construction features modern curved
edges that slip in and out of your bag with ease. And combined with the stunning
brushed aluminum case, the Inspiron 14z is super-portable
and ready to go. Mobility. Responsiveness. Entertainment. All in the
Inspiron 14z Ultrabook from Dell.