How Remote Viewing Works 6: Dr. Simeon Hein

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Picture of the White House.
Notice the fountain there.
There is the viewer's drawing
and he gets the fountain,
in the correct position.
I believe in his analytical overlay,
"A calm, majestic structure.
Makes me feel controlled. "
Ha ha ha!
I wonder why!
But that's his description of the White House
he describes it as a vacation home for the rich.
And the Pentagon
-- the subconscious never lies.
This is the power of viewing. This is why they don't want
you to know about this
because you can't lie with RV. It just gets right to the
heart of it. Now, the interesting thing about this
session is,
he was actually describing the wrong target. I had a
picture of the space shuttle Challenger,
in one pile and this was gonna be the next target
in the following hour and it was in another pile
and it appears that he viewed the target that I had not
They were both in front but I'd assigned this an either
view -- view the other one, it happens.
The subconscious doesn't always do what we ask it to
do and that's fine. It's uh, like a pet in some ways. uh,
I mean, it does run your life so it's not quite like a pet but
it's doing everything, keeping your body going uh,
respiratory systems. It runs your whole body but
it can be in -- it can be -- you can ask it to show you
things but in some cases it's like -- does what it wants
and that's -- that's the nature of the viewing process.
In this case it describes another target but it was
perfectly accurate.
He says here, "It's a sense of deliberations going on.
Power and control. " He had all the elements of
the White House in this post session summary.
Now here's a picture
this is TWA Flight 800.
We did this back at Farsight, back in '96, several
weeks after the disaster, when Flight 800
was destroyed over Long Island Sound
What I got, in my session, was, something
coming up from the ground. I saw this flash of light and
something hitting something in the sky.
And, there you can see kind of a line going up and hitting
something in the sky and I --
I -- I got a missile, OK and I've talked to other viewers,
someone that were here last year and apparently other
viewers have gotten this
sort of scenario too.
This type of target, we can't confirm as easily as a
simple picture because we weren't there,
when it happened, we don't know.
A lot of people at Farsight got a missile and if you've
read into any investigations of this -- the missiles theory
was really shut down by the NTSC uh B and the -- all the
agencies that were investigating this, did not
want to investigate this
aspect of it, so we never really found out about that
and we were told apparently what they wanted us to hear
about it but nonetheless this session suggest that a missile
was involved in taking down
TWA Flight hun -- 800, we
And uh here is the sense of the explosions and all sorts of
other information related to that event.
Now this target is
a verbal cue. This is
the first official government announcement of the
existence of extraterrestrials.
This will be a future target,
unless it already happened, you know,
and we don't know about it but in theory this is a target
that would happen in the future and we wanna know
what will the government announcement be like,
should this happen.
Well, these targets are fun to do, we can't confirm them
necessarily but they're
interesting to see what information we get
and this viewer got
a sense of a performance,
uh theatrical in nature,
uh a light-hearted
something being staged.
This could be the 'black budget'
disclosure. I mean, this may not be the one we want
but -- but uh,
the exinterric -- the edu -- it's educational material
uh, a sense of something being presented to the public
and uh,
we're participating in things in the new way.
So this is
what we got for our -- our -- it has something to do with
our place in the Universe.
That's what they got for that target cue. We --
the way we do this by the way,
we write the -- the um cue on a piece of paper, put it in the
folder and the viewer says, "View the target. " They are
not told what it is and at the end they find out what the --
the verbal cue was.
It's that easy to view things, by the way.
And here's a little picture that they drew. Isn't that kind of
There is people -- apparently people and little ETs and
something, this is called, 'the symbolic sketch' and then
there's some apparently little information being
disclosed there
between us and -- and our friends.
Uh, here another viewer,
who did -- it reflects a sense of glee, a feeling of history
being made. Same target, by the way,
first contact, type of event.
So, if we were -- are to believe this information,
government disclosure is going to happen at some
point, if these sessions are accurate.
Something uh, functioning as a sense of uh confirmation of
different beings and so forth.
So these are kind of experimental types of targets.
Now this session -- this particular target was the
evacuation of Dunkirk, Allied evacuation of Dunkirk
during World War II, 1940.
What I enjoyed looking at, in this person's drawing, was,
was the drawing -- a Nazi swastika.
No one's ever drawn that in any session I've ever seen,
anywhere but he did do it for this particular -- particular
target and this is a target about Nazis and the Allies
back in World War II and there's two types of symbols,
the Nazi symbol and the other type of symbol and a
person in a wave,
like water. Now, it did turn out that his uncle
was in the Allied evacuation of Dunkirk and was shot
in the water.
So we had a personal connection to this target,
which I didn't know what the time
but nonetheless he went on to describe
uh, two groups of beings that were once friends, as
England was, uh, you know, Chamberlain and Hitler were
originally friendly, to each other.
Uh, two groups of beings and now one group is oppressing
the other and treating them just, you know, like
something to be oppressed and destroyed;
mere offal to be dis -- disposed of. So this is a type
of historical target.
Here's a picture of Area S4 and Area 51.
We were given this target by someone who had claimed
they were there,
and they said, "Can you see what's inside the hangars?"
Well, we gave it to our viewers and said, "We have a
target for you. " That's all we said.
A viewer in Utah
was able to
draw the hangars
and apparently the -- even the planes, in front.
Now, those I've been told by someone are -- are Russian
MIGs, that are being tested there.
But it looks to me, an awful lot like hangars, with planes
in front.
She did her own movement exercise.
She went inside the structure and what did she find?
Flying discs!
So, this is proof that there are really reverse engineered
UFOs or something at Area 51.
It does, a lot of people seem to get these discs,
inside these hangars
and uh
again, is just another use for RV. It's a lot of fun to do
those types of targets, after you have had training
in the more basic types of targets.
This was a target I did, back in 1996. The target was
'The Grays Inter-dimensional Wormhole,' near Earth.
Apparently um,
someone at Farsight had this
idea that there -- 'The Grays' were getting to Earth
through a wormhole.
I -- I don't know if it's literally true or not but
this is what I drew. Some sort of,
looks like a wormhole to me
and some ships going around. And again, this is kind of a
like me drawing a Solar System and little
ships going around it.
Again, these targets are done blind, so the fact that you came
up with anything that's even related to the target concept at
all is amazing.
Whether it's literally accurate or not, I'm -- we don't know
but it's certainly interesting to see the close match between
the target descriptor and the actual --
target site.
The Mexico UFO, 1997.
I've seen a lot of different presentations about this, I'm
sure you have. Some people suggested it was a -- a video
Other people said, "No. The thing came over me in --
purple liquid squirted out and I felt sick for six months. "
There were apparently about 20 witnesses, to actually saw
but you know what network television can do to these
Well, we gave it to our viewers. Uh, this viewer just
drew what looks like a circular object.
He walked into the ship and was told, uh, "No snooping.
Don't -- please leave. "
I didn't say anything to him. I said, "Do the target. "
And he said, "I'm on the ship and I'm being told to leave.
There's a robotic being there and I'm not welcome. I'm out
of here. "
Whew! All right!
The next viewers saw this chair,
inside that ship.
Well, it doesn't look like any chair I've ever seen.
A space-age type of chair,
that envelops you.
It almost suggests the feeling of -- of this kind of tactile
type of information we've gotten about how craft are
It's a complete integration with your nervous system
and she's kind of suggesting that in the way the chair
envelops you completely.
It's a space-age chair
she started to thinking about Courtney Brown, all of
a sudden.
She said that, "You could -- " -- I moved her inside the
and describe using her own words, she said, 'It's a plastic
uh, it reminds me of space. It's curved
and it's something that you can go inside of,'
and she described the mechanical intelligence
That uh
"It had a pointed head"
and so forth.
'Feeling of familiarity
um, with
the beings but it's personal. '
Again this is what she got for that object.
Does it confirm that it was there or not?
I don't know!
The close feeling, edited out, could be
Now, what she told me at the end is, when we are all
done, "You know Simeon, I kept thinking this was UFO
but I kept saying, 'No it can't be a UFO.'"
And we allowed the viewer at the end to use EO, edit it
out, whatever they were thinking but didn't say at the
time. Just to show them that they were on the right track,
'edit it out UFO.'
so now --
does anyone have any really brief questions, before we do
the instruction?
We're gonna have you do the viewing now and now let me
just describe
before -- if there any questions about this before
we go on?