Mahabharat - Episode 44

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This story is such a strange one ...
... that sometimes even I am perplexed by it ...
... and I begin to feel that ...
... I must accuse myseIf of partiality
But this is against my very nature ...
... and I shall do my best not to violate its limits
This is one such moment
It is true that no king will be happy to see ...
... another king performing the Rajsuya ritual ...
... since every king dreams of performing it himseIf ...
... whether he can perform it or not
But Karna, King of Anga, does not even dream of this
His eyes are devoid of all emotion
Maybe they are in search of a dream
How come you are alone today?
Come Uncle
You did not answer my question
I have no place in a family gathering
I am an outsider
Even I am an outsider
Neither you nor I am a Kuru
In such moments I wonder what it would be like ...
... to be part of a family
The Soul gets sustenance
There is no greater punishment than being alone
I will accept the penaIty ...
... but at least tell me what is my crime?
In this lonely moment ...
... I am mourning the death of brave Shishupal
Is it not surprising ...
... that not a single warrior ...
... registered his protest?
You, too, were there
We all kept quiet. Even you kept quiet
There was only reason for that
None of us has a solution for Krishna
You are a great warrior, Karna ...
... but even great warriors have to think sometimes
So, Karna, think
Think of a way to neutralize Krishna
Duryodhan, my nephew
I have listened to you for too long
I am not dice in your hands
I am Duryodhan
All your conspiracies have failed
You prevented Yudhishthir from becoming the Crown Prince
Today he has performed the Rajsuya ritual
Not only did we have to attend it ...
... but we had to show that we were pleased
Be patient, Duryodhan
I don't know how to be patient
Be sure of another thing:
They are not satisfied with Indraprashtha
They have their eyes on Hastinapur
I am not their friend but ...
... I cannot believe that they want Hastinapur
Then why did they shout : 'Hail Hastinapur'?
They wanted father to bless them so that ...
... Hastinapur will remain a part of their hearts
They will always respect Hastinapur
It has nothing to do with Yudhishthir's desire
I am not worried about the Pandavas
I am worried about you ...
... because you never know what to say when
Let them be happy for a few days
Do not be fooled by still water
There is great turmoil under the water
Waves are crashing against one another
Believe me, Duryodhan ...
... I have planned all this
You just keep quiet and watch
I was coming to you
I am returning to Dwarka
What do you wish me to do?
You are the Family Sage of the Kurus
Who can give you orders?
Come Dhrupad, my friend
Please have a seat
How are you?
I am fine. I am returning to Kampilya
I wanted you to bless my son
This is my son. Pay your respects to Sage Drona
May you live long!
I always bless him with that
Bless him with success in his mission
With a divine son such as yours ...
... how can he fail?
Which means, you won't bless him?
Of course, I will
May you succeed in your mission!
I am fortunate to have met you here
We are both leaving today
Did you meet Draupadi?
I am here to meet Sage Drona
We should leave
- Okay, my friend - Yes, Dhrupad
Let's see when and where we meet
Come, my son
- Sit, O son of Devaki - You, too, sit
- When are you leaving? - Today
I am sure you can see what I am seeing
There is the problem which ...
... people like Bhishma and I will have to face
We will all burn in the fire of jealousy ...
... in which Duryodhan is burning
Only you can protect us
No, Sage!
Every person has to protect himseIf
Whether it is you or Bhishma ...
... or Sage Kripa
You are like the constellations
If you change your path there will be chaos
It means ...
... you should always side with the truth
Only you can save this Universe
No, Grandsire
Even I am helpless
Everyone is responsible for what is to happen
Some more than the others
As the eldest in the Kuru clan ...
... your responsibility is the greatest
Duryodhan will not listen to reason
That is your problem
Therefore, think carefully
Does your oath absolve you of responsibility?
If yes, then why are you worried?
If not, think of the answers to the questions ...
... the Future will ask you
Who can question this blind man?
Stop hiding behind your blindness ...
... and face the reality of life
You divided the nation ...
... but ambition cannot be divided
This nation aIso belongs to future generations
History will hold you responsible
I am returning to Dwarka ...
... but my mind will always be here
I have only one request :
Prevent what is about to happen
Why are you in a hurry to leave?
Whether I leave today or tomorrow ...
... I have to leave some day
You don't seem sorry to leave us
I am not leaving you today. I will always be with you
But leave you must?
Are you separate from Arjun?
I think of you as five bodies with one soul
If not, what right can you have over them?
Life is not a gamble
Life, like Ethics, is awakening
Its progress and movement does not depend ...
... on the throw of a dice
You all are what you are because ...
... you are not one, but five
And yet, you are not five, but one
But why are you going?
I want to stay on. So, he wants to leave
Wait for a few more days, Krishna
Aunt Kunti will be happy
Would I leave if it was not urgent
We are not at our aunt's house
Then where are we?
We were here for the King's Rajsuya ritual
Everyone has left or is leaving
Ask Brother how many are still here
Father is leaving tomorrow
Only Uncle Shakuni and Duryodhan will stay
The palace has mesmerized Duryodhan
What has mesmerized Uncle?
He is mesmerized by Indraprashtha
Give me one good reason, Uncle
Are we waiting here to be insuIted?
Uncle can stay on if he wishes
Even you can stay on if you wish ...
... but I will leave with King Dhritarashtra
Even I am feeling restless
All of you can go but I'll stay on for a few days
But why? Do you want to be insuIted?
No. I am not waiting to be insuIted
I am waiting for Krishna to leave
What do we have to do with Krishna?
We have a lot to do with him
He is the only one who knows ...
... how to deal with my conspiracies
I wanted you to keep smiling at Subhadra ...
... and you are already doing it
I told Subhadra that you love her but she is ...
... still scared
Brother, at least fear God
Fear whom? O I see, God!
I'll fear Him if you say so!
But do not fear Draupadi. She loves you
Are you creating a fight between us?
Don't listen to him, Subhadra
Draupadi is right. He is used to telling tales
When we were young, he would tell mother ...
... that I was teasing him and ...
... mother would scold me
Don't worry
I have known him for ages
Look Krishna
You cannot make us quarrel
She's not my rival. She's your younger sister
She's my responsibility
I'll look after Subhadra
You look after the world
Okay. I will look after the world
Come Brother
Now Krishna has gone. So have Grandsire and father
Now what?
I won't tell you yet
My last game is about to begin
You keep quiet and watch
Now, Emperor Yudhishthir and I will play Dice
Emperor Yudhishthir!
Dice, Uncle?
You have stayed back to play Dice?
Do not be disrespectful towards my dice
I have worshipped them for a lifetime
These are not mere dice
They are my soldiers
Do not forget ...
... they have never been defeated
It will be four, Uncle
One! Two! Three! Four!
Here's your pawn, Uncle
Your dice are not obeying you
We thought the dice always listen to you
Haven't you heard of bad luck, Arjun?
So, luck has deserted you
What will you stake now, Uncle?
Why not the kingdom of Gandhar?
No. Kingdoms are lost on the battlefield ...
... not at Dice
Where's it?
These are a thousand gold coins
Now play. I'll order the dice
No Uncle. You play ...
... lest you say later that you lost because ...
... you did not throw
You are making a mistake
You should know ...
... that the dice always listen to me
Now look. I need seven to get your pawn
So, seven will definitely come
It won't be seven
Wait and see!
It is not seven, Uncle
A warrior should know how to lose
But it seems Sage Drona has not taught ...
... Duryodhan to either win or lose
But I'll say one thing Yudhishthir :
Defeating Shakuni at Dice only means that ...
... you are now the Emperor of Dice
You have completed the Rajsuya ritual of Dice
The Rajsuya ritual of Dice
You are great, Yudhishthir
To lose the game intentionally
That was Shakuni's treachery
This very defeat will now ...
... weave the web of treachery
Welcome, Uncle
Please be seated
Please take a seat, Uncle
So, you played Dice with Emperor Yudhishthir
I saw how your undefeatable dice ...
... won the game, Uncle
I beg your forgiveness ...
... for being disrespectful to your dice this morning
You have worshipped them for a lifetime
They are your soldiers
Military strategy says ...
... sometimes it is necessary to lose in order to win
This defeat will pave the path to victory
This morning I did not say that I was going to play
What I said was ...
... my final game was about to begin ...
... and you should keep quiet and watch
But you cannot keep quiet
You interrupt me and don't allow me to think
Now, let me think
You go and see ...
... the palace made by the Maya, the Demon
It is a strange palace
- Now go - Okay
You just go on thinking
My dear Duryodhan
The barren Khandavprasth has become Indraprashtha
And this Palace of lllusion
Maya, the Demon, has performed a miracle
What a lovely sight
No! No!
Victory to the Crown Prince
Victory to the Crown Prince
This fire!
This is not fire, Prince
Careful. There is water ahead
Water? Where's it?
Even a maid is pulling my leg
A blind man's son is blind
Why get angry at your servants
Be angry against the cause of anger
What's the problem?
What can I tell you?
A she-serpent has bitten me
The poison has pervaded my every vein
What are you saying?
What she-serpent? What poison?
I am burning in the fire of humiliation
I cannot bear it any longer
This fire is burning within me
If it cannot burn me completely I shall ...
... jump into the fire ...
... to save myseIf from its burning
This seed of humiliation ...
... has grown like a tree on my forehead
It is growing every minute
I can see no way of saving myseIf from it
If insuIt is a tree ...
... then I have the strength to uproot it
If insuIt is a sea of fire ...
... then I shall cool this sea of fire ...
... with my arrows
I am proud of your friendship, Karna
I know that if need be ...
... you will give your life ...
... to increase my life span
If Death stands before me, you would be ...
... willing to die in my place
But no!
This is an insuIt ...
... and it has to be avenged personally ...
... or the wound will become deeper
I don't understand ...
... who on Earth can dare to insuIt you
Even Lord Indra will not dare ...
... to insuIt a brave warrior like you
I have been insuIted by ...
... that woman with five husbands, Draupadi
I will definitely avenge my humiliation
I will even avenge your insuIt ...
... on the day of her marriage ceremony
I have not forgotten it
She did not insuIt me then
She merely showed me my place in the Court
Even after you made me King of Anga ...
... I am still a charioteer's son
I will remain the son of a charioteer ...
... till my real mother does not prove my identity
Till that day your friend ...
... will be like the setting Sun
And like the setting Sun ...
... he is a prisoner of a dark cave
So, do not talk about my humiliation
But Draupadi must be punished for your insuIt
Allow me ...
... to avenge this insuIt by defeating Indraprashtha
Or eIse, gather an army ...
... and let's storm Indraprashtha
Why do you always talk of the battlefield
Being a warrior does not mean that your bow ...
... should always be drawn
How eIse do we avenge this insuIt?
With intelligence, which is the best weapon
Now that the Pandavas have performed the ritual ...
... Hastinapur, too, should ...
... have a celebration in their honor
Along with that there will be the game of Dice
I have already lost once to Emperor Yudhishthir
Surely, I should get another chance
I give you my word Duryodhan ...
... that this time if I don't defeat him ...
... I'll go in exile
I have not lost without a purpose
This defeat will pave the way to your victory
Allow me to leave
Yes, Karna. You should leave because ...
... you will not understand this talk
I will never understand your conspiracies
My respects
Your friend is really stupid
I only tolerate him because ...
... I trust his loyaIty to you
Politics has a place for such fooIs
They are expendable weapons in war ...
... or expendable pawns in Dice
What was I saying?
I will use the Indraprashtha defeat ...
... to pave the way to your victory
These are not mere dice
This is my undefeatable army
No, Uncle. The Pandavas are not stupid
They will not come here to play Dice
They will definitely come because ...
... no warrior can resist ...
... an invitation to war or Dice
This is the tradition of the true warrior ...
... which the Pandavas cannot violate
Besides, King Dhritarashtra will invite them
The Pandavas got Indraprashtha from this very place
They will aIso lose it here
And Draupadi?
What about avenging my insuIt?
I'll think of that, too!
But father!
He will not permit it
You don't realize his love for you
Can he deny you anything you desire?
That can never be!
Besides, do not forget
He has no real cause to like Indraprashtha
He was not happy when he returned from Indraprashtha
Yudhishthir has shattered another dream of his
He wanted you to perform the Rajsuya ritual
Then he will agree?
Why don't you ask and see?
And why delay the matter?
Don't worry. Let's go there at once
Come Shakuni
Greetings, my king
Have a seat
I don't understand how ...
... you can recognize everyone's footsteps ...
... but cannot recognize your own
I don't understand
You understand what you want to understand
What you do not want to understand ...
... you refuse to understand
However, it is my duty to explain that ...
... Duryodhan's condition is not good
What's wrong with him?
You know very well what's wrong with him
His disease is called Indraprashtha
The cure is aIso Indraprashtha
You are his father
Why don't you ask him about it?
Maybe I have made a mistake in diagnosis
How can I find out?
I have met him only once after returning
Even Gandhari is worried about him
What is the point of only worrying?
I cannot give him Indraprashtha
But that is the cure
No, Shakuni!
I cannot do that injustice
Besides, I don't think it is possible
The Pandavas are very powerful now
You are right and yet ...
... we cannot let Duryodhan brood
He is my sister's eldest son
We have to keep him engrossed
Of course, Shakuni
I am prepared to do anything ...
... to keep him engrossed
Well then, ask Duryodhan what he wants
Come Duryodhan
My respects, father
May you live long!
After how long have you come to me
Don't you know that the day ...
... you don't come to me is a wasted day
I beg your forgiveness
Your Uncle telIs me you are not well
Have you consuIted the doctor?
He does not have a cure for my disease
What's wrong with you?
I have been insuIted
Yes. I have been insuIted
I have spent sleepless nights ever since
I have been restless
We will organize something to keep you engrossed
I feel that since the Pandavas ...
... have performed the Rajsuya ritual ...
... should not Hastinapur ...
... congratulate its victorious sons?
Do invite him, my king
Yes, father
I thought you would not like it
If that is what you want ...
... I'll invite them
Let the citizens of Hastinapur ...
... see that I did no injustice ...
... by giving them Khandavprasth
Of course
Their coming here will aIso please me
Sometimes we will wage mock war ...
... sometimes play Dice
There can be nothing more engrossing than Dice
Why don't you say ...
... you want to avenge your defeat in Indraprashtha
What's wrong with that?
Okay. I'll consuIt Vidur about it
Why consuIt Uncle Vidur about everything?
Looks like we cannot even breath without ...
... consuIting Uncle
Whether you agree or not ...
... he is definitely on their side
If you do not wish to invite them ...
... allow me to attack Indraprashtha
But ...
Why fight a war you are bound to lose?
It is an honor to die fighting such a war
But son ...
Why do you always get angry?
If the king wishes to consuIt Vidur ...
... let him do so
How can Vidur oppose their coming here?