Spring Crappie

Uploaded by slowbowvideo on 14.04.2010

winter ebbs, and the first signs of spring appear the daffodils the hyacinths
the flowering trees are soon to follow
and then the woods begin to green up full force
leaving winter
as just an afterthought
what i wait for each spring though or these azaleas
and here in front of my hose, when they bud
i know it's time
nature can serve the outdoorsman up a host of clues
in the fall
when the bean fields brown and oaks begin dropping acorns
deer hunters know
he must move off the field edge and back into the timber
to stay with the game
in the spring it's said the best time to hunt turkey
is when the dogwoods are in full bloom
when those azaleas out front
bud fully,just before they bloom, I know it's time to get a bucket of minnows
throw the leash on the dogs
and head down to the local lake to get in on the spring crappy runs
a lot of guys will fish for crappie
with a little shad dart
placed under a bobber
about eighteen inches
and toss it out there
and just slowly real it in
pausing occasionally
the fish usually take the dart
on the pause
i'm a live bait junkie, and i prefer to rig up the same way
I use these bobbers here
and they have a little lead weight in the bottom so you can cast out farther
and then about eighteen inches of line under the bobber
ending in a hook and a live minnow, I'll just toss them out there and let 'em sit
oh yeah
nice slab

put him on the stringer
OH I'm sinking in the mud

OH I got a shower that was just wrong
got a shower AGAIN!
I'm covered in mud
throw over by this log
the log over here
love to hang around dead wood, if you can find a dead tree,or wood debris in the water
it's a great place to fish
got him
a little better

ah ha
look got my whole ass muddy and soaking wet
WOAH There he is
nice little crappie
he'll fry up nice
it's a little
a little crappie
I got one!

nothing like a
bucket of live minnows to catch some slabs for the frying pan
hold them up
there you go
they're all in front of me
put your arm down NO I caught 'em all
I caught 'em all, You didn't catch 'em all I caught like a couple
you caught three OK
whatever, great way to spend an afternoon
and some tasty snacks for the table right here
always a great time down at the lake
catching fish
but when you get home, you'll want to filet them and get them ready for the
if you have a really good day
and catch more than you can use
at a sitting
go ahead and filet them up and put in a zip lock bag
that you filled with water
squeeze all the air out of it
and place them in the freezer like that
this will really help keep the freezer burn
off the fish
you can use them at a later date, they keep for quite a while like that
we're going to go ahead and prep these fish up for a good old fashioned fish fry
the wife and I caught just enough for us to use
i like to take
a breading mixture
that's two thirds corn meal
one-third flower add to that seafood seasoning and a little black pepper
and a pinch of garlic
what I'll do is take the filets
in a beaten egg
and coat them thickly with the breading
once you've done that
they're ready to hit the grease fry them up in a skillet
that has just about a quarter inch of grease in the bottom
make sure it's real hot
it will sizzle nice if you put a few
drops of water in it if it's ready
remember don't overcook the fish, just a few minutes on each side
and they'll be ready to go
enjoy your catch