IBM and SAP: Integrated Management of SAP Landscapes on IBM PureFlex System

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Speaker: Sanjay Kulkarni, Director, Solution Management Virtualization and Cloud Computing,
SAP Founded 40 years ago SAP is the market leader
in enterprise application software. With over 185,000 customers worldwide, SAP helps customers
in all industries and of all sizes to run better, to work more efficiently and to use
business insight much more effectively in order to stay ahead of competition.
What customers have been telling us consistently is that there is an urgent need for them to
be able to reduce costs, to reduce the time-to-value or time-to-market for their SAP systems and
solutions and they are looking at SAP to be able to provide them a way to be able to transform
their existing SAP installations and deployments from physical installations to virtualized
and cloud-based infrastructures.
The capabilities of PureFlex systems is quite strongly correlated with some of the trends
the trends that we see today in the SAP customer bases. The PureFlex systems concept is a great
one which allows for consolidation of multiple SAP systems. Customers are able to leverage
this concept in order to be able to consolidate multiple tiers of their SAP applications into
one single box.
Speaker: Laura Voglino, Vice President Routes Transformation, IBM Systems and Technology
Group IBM’s PureFlex system is a cloud-ready expert
integrated system that delivers integration with flexibility. This new platform provides
a new computing paradigm, consolidating workloads across Power, System X, System Management,
Networking, and Storage with an integrated management system that allows an unparalleled
integration for the infrastructure and the application layer
Speaker: Sanjay Kulkarni, SAP The SAP application workload is open to capitalize
on the reliability and scalability of the heterogeneous power and X86 infrastructures.
The IBM Pure Flex system allows our customers to be able to tune server and storage in order
to match the SAP application. It promises to be a new way of simplifying the manageability
and deployment of enterprise applications.
Speaker: Kathy Bennett, Vice President Global ISV Technical Enablement, IBM Systems and
Technology Group For 40 years, IBM and SAP have consistently
delivered superior return on investment through thousands of successful collaborations. Our
global business and technology solutions can help our clients innovate, adapt, and compete.
Speaker: Sanjay Kulkarni, SAP We are able to have a very strong and close
technology alignment between the companies around development and also around bringing
new innovations for our joint customers.
SAP has just recently launched the SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management product,
which allows customers to automate some of their most common bases, as well as administrative
activities which they perform, either into physical, virtualized or even a private cloud
environment. [It] gives you visibility across the entire SAP landscape, spanning across
the different layers of the infrastructure
The integration of Flex System Manager with Landscape Virtualization Management allows
for a great amount of transparency between the IT management layer and the SAP basis
at administrative layer.
This integration allows SAP customers to be able to achieve a great amount of cost as
well as time savings for some of the basic virtualization and cloud use cases that they
will execute in their day-to-day operations. It also provides a much better framework for
an improved manageability, scalability, elasticity of SAP systems and landscapes.
Speaker: Laura Voglino, IBM The combination of SAP NetWeaver Landscape
Virtualization Management with the Flex System Manager established an excellent foundation
for developing and operating SAP landscapes in a private cloud environment.
Speaker: Sanjay Kulkarni, SAP Joint engagement and integration with products
such as SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management provides tremendous value for our
customers and really helps our customers to make their SAP systems and landscapes cloud
A joint offering, quite frankly, from IBM and SAP is more than just one plus one. It
actually is three.