BA (Hons) Digital Media Design

Uploaded by bournemouthuni on 08.10.2010

>> STUDENT 1: My project is called the ‘Y Drive’ and it’s a way to kind of control
a remote controlled car from a mobile device like an iPhone or iPad.
>> STUDENT 2: Basically, you can rotate the objects that you like, click next and you
can choose different objects.
>> STUDENT 1: It basically allows you to connect to the car and you can drive it as if you
were driving a real car. It’s quite cool.
>> STUDENT 2: And what’s happening is the infra-red light produced by the can is being
picked up by the Wii remote behind and allowing my cursor point to be detected, basically
giving the impression of 3D spray painting.
>> GUEST LECTURER: For me the best thing about the course, and this is what I regularly say
in my lectures here every now and again, I find that it’s got that fantastic spread.
So we don’t just focus on design, we don’t just focus on programming. You will be asked
to do management, you will be working with video cameras, with sound. There are great
facilities at the University and I really enjoyed jumping between, sort of putting on
lots of different hats.
>> STUDENT 2: The Media School basically provides us access to TV students and script writers
and animators so basically if we need any resources from them it’s quite useful being
in a Media School. It’s quite a nice community.
>> GUEST LECTURER: We were working with pen and ink at one point and then working with
programming languages at another and I think that’s what so important, as well for the
industry, is that when students graduate if they do have an understanding of the wider
process. So that’s what I think is so important about the sorts of courses that Bournemouth
>> STUDENT 3: My project is called ‘Hotel Simply Sincere’ and it’s an interactive
narrative and it’s based on the Seven Deadly Sins and one hotel and there is one hotel
and six main characters and the seventh character is the hotel porter and it uses video animation
and photographs to tell the story.
>> STUDENT 1: The course kind of gives you an experience in making websites and flash
games. You can do other stuff too so you learn how to make games in Unity and you learn how
to make 3D models in Cinema 4D.
>> STUDENT 3: We’ve got iPhone development, gaming, Flash animation, web design, PHP websites,
there is so many it’s endless.
>> STUDENT 2: It uses Wii technology and Unity 3D to allow users to interact and digital
spray paint on 3D objects.
>> STUDENT 1: It’s also got a built in camera in there too so if you wanted to look at it
on the TV so you can drive like you are in a real game.
>> GUEST LECTURER: For me it’s the facilities here because when I first came on the Open
Day I saw the computing studios and I saw the camera equipment and I just thought ‘whoa’,
I get to play with all that stuff.’