Corporate Gifts and Business Gifts + Cute Dog, Jack Russell Terrier

Uploaded by promotionalitemstv on 04.06.2010

Hi guys, Promotion Products have asked Archie here and me to tell you all about Corporate
Gifts. Basically they’re an opportunity to let
good clients know that they’re appreciated. By the act of giving a tangible reminder branded
with your logo or message, you’re saying “thanks for your business and as we’re
right in front of you, call us again for the same great service”.
And now, here’s our Archie with the products shots.
And straight into the product shots, we have Archie looking very studious – oh it’s
a compendium with a bone drawn on it, and a designer one at that. “I’ll take these
compendiums of stone!”. Ha! Perfect for eating your dinner off.
Now that’s one of those USB thingies with a name on it. And what’s he typing into
the computer? Wolf Whistle. Oh, it’s Fifi, his little bit on the side – you dirty dog.
Ah, a bit of bling, that should bring her over – I think it’s actually a metal keyring,
and a bottle of Champagne in a cooler box…….oh, I don’t think I’d like to drink that.
Eating And what better way to finish off Corporate
Gifts than with a bath and dry with a branded beach towel – well done Archie.
Archie, you were brilliant, yes you were, you were. There you go guys, Corporate Gifts
from Promotion Products.