DBSK - Dreams Come True (Eng subbed)

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Sam's san show?
We did it!
Your dream?
Dance together with Tohoshinki!
You want to dance with them ?
We used to dance, and we think Tohoshinki dance is very cool
What Song you want to dance?
Purple Line!!
We will meet Tohoshinki!!!!
I also have the same dream!
Be one of the member!!
I always think i'm the 6th member of them
My name will be Tsuton! ( His name is Sekine)
Want to dance with Tohoshinki~
What will this three girls Matsumoto Sayuki, Nagato Miyuki, Hamada Kaede could fulfill their dream?
Without them knowing, in front of them the headmaster preparing to announce the news
Good morning
From 2nd Year students, Hamada Kaede , Nagato Miyuki, Matsumoto Sayuki told the TBS Dreams Come True that they want to dance with Tohoshinki
And therefore we get a call from TBS
That dream will be fulfill
So without dragging much, that dream will come true today
Please welcome Tohoshinki!
This is lie!!
All the students are hype!
Good Morning everybody!
We are Tohoshinki
Today we came here for the sake of fulfilling Matsumoto Sayuki, Nagato Miyuki and Hamada Kaede 's dream!
This three will practice with Tohoshinki start from now
And after that will do the performance here
I can't take it! I can't take it! I can't take it!
That's all for today
What are we going to do???????
Please come in
Nice to meet you
There is two reason of why Tohoshinki is here now.
One is we feel touched by the passion of you from the interview
Another one is also we received some letters from your friends
Their friends from the dance group sent all the letters to the show
saying that the three are always working hard and their dreams about dancing with Tohoshinki
Let's work hard together!
You guys said that you all watched the Purple Line dance before right?
Can we see how far you guys catch the dance movement first?
Though their familiar with dance
but the genre of their dance is totally different with Tohoshinki
*messy here and there T_T*
Tohoshinki just cross their hands
Because you guys see it from the PV, so complicated movement you guys didn't really know right ?
Their time to learn the choreo is only 3 hours!
They still find it difficult to catch the complicated movement.
In this part only, can you guys a little bit closer?
You guys left with 30 minutes
Ah there is no much time left, let's work hard together!
The 3 hours time is finish!
The time is not enough,
but they try hard to remember it..
Even though the time is not enough
but because it has been such a troublesome for others
we will not give up until the end
*they laugh because it's unusual for the school to announce this kind of thing*
Good afternoon everyone
Today, i'm Yamamoto Takahashi will be the MC for TBS Dreams Come True Show
Dream of Girl High School Student Group feat Tohoshinki will start now
Everyone please listen to Purple Line
The students are all high!!
Everybody please give them applause!
Thank You
Thanks for the hard working
JS : It's perfect
And suddenly they surrounded by their friends
And during the middle of such a happy time,...
Tohoshinki is
somehow abandoned
Thank you for make their dreams come true!
Thank You!
Thank you!
This is so touching isn't it?
It's amazing to learn all the difficult movement within 3 hours!
Tohoshinki also done their best!
Just now i want to cry
You already cry just now