Skateboard Manual Competition in Chile, Manny Mania qualifiers 2012

Uploaded by redbull on 29.03.2012

Hey! We are at the Red Bull Manny Mania in Valparaíso. This is the final match.
We had two classifications, one in Iquique and the other in Concepción.
Well, the Red Bull Manny Mania takes place in over 40 countries. It's all about balancing with your board...
this is called a "manual" and is very difficult.
The finalist here will travel to compete in New York against the finalists from 40 countries.
The level of the riders was really good, it was very difficult...
there’s an excellent level here in Chile, it was really hard to win this.
I’m planning on training almost every day so I can do well in New York.