Definition of homeland by Bohdan Szucki, English subtitles

Uploaded by oszczynka on 30.01.2010

When I look at water lilies on ponds, there are few of them now
at these leaves, the white flower on quiet water or insects flying over it...
that remainds me my childhood. Then I started to understand this world for the first time
The water lilies, the mosquitoes, the dragonflies, the flower – this is homeland.
For me this is homeland. I remember when we were crossing the Bug River in 1940
when we were escaping from transportations to Siberia,
because for centuries my family had lived on the eastern side in Piñszczyzna
and I remember the water lilies when the ferryman was shipping us, and then I saw the water lilies.
And I was looking at them and wondered if I would ever see them again... that was my homeland...
the singing of birds and my mother’s smile, this is homeland, speaking Polish…
One can speak any language, obviously… but this is my speech.
Him, my friend from childhood and adventures, he is an element of homeland
The place you can feel mentally good among people...
and work for neighbours, the closest society, but not only the closest – that constitutes homeland
Homeland is also land itself, fatherland – poets spoke about it, too: my homeland, fatherland...
The water lily, and the land, and the bird, and “Bolek”, and you son – this is homeland.
Yes, but one more thing is to be added here: this way of thinking must be taught.