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Simon Baker, best known for playing Patrick Jane in the hit series The Mentalist,
will take a pause from the show to play a part in I Give It A Year,
a comedy on the difficulties of marriage.
The movie is based on the original screenplay by Dan Mazer,
who has worked a lot with Sacha Baron Cohen, for Borat and also for Da Ali G Show.
To The Arctic is a documentary directed by Greg MacGillivray,
winner of a prize for Everest, narrated by Meryl Streep.
The movie should be an outstanding 3D or IMAX experience
as it talks about the wild nature of the Arctic,
there are beautiful futagis of animals, also underwater, aurora borealis and landscapes.
The story follows a polar bear mother who cares for her two cubs.
It comes out in theatres April 20th 2012.
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