Life in the community volunteering - Aspire - Scope

Uploaded by scope4equality on 02.03.2012

I feel at the moment that, again, I am beginning to make a big improvement in people's lives.
And that is something through my years of training that I have been able to do
and it was something that I thought I would never be able to get back again because of
my own health problems so it's, not only helped my mentees it's actually
helped me considerably as a mentor as well and looking towards the future hopefully it
means I can get back into a training role so, yeah it's helped me as well considerably.
My customers enjoy learning things and because I'm there, they are finding that they ability
to do that and so I can give them a broad knowledge and they can then go on and progress
from that themselves. So it's almost like I'm giving them an initial
step and the rest of it they are actually doing
themselves, although in many cases they don't realise that.
I work as a volunteer here at Scope. I participate in cooking, ICT and also teach
British Sign Language to the hearing staff members here.
As learning BSL is a new thing for them and also working here is new for me as a deaf
person working with other disabled people and communicating with them. It's brilliant.
Some people put up barriers to say that deaf and disabled people can't do things.
I want to show them what we can do. I want to break down these barriers. I feel like
I want to take a hammer and smash down these barriers and show what I can do. That's what
I want to do.