Lush Manufacturing Presents: Rock Star Soap

Uploaded by Lushcosmetics on 21.10.2011

Hi, my name is Tom, and today we are making Rock Star
These are the three lovely colours that we use in Rock Star soap, they are all natural pigments
so this is the beautiful pink colour that goes into our Rock Star soap
So, in this vessel we have the colours
mixing with the soap base....and Rock Star is born!
Hi, my name is Duncan, I order a lot of the raw materials for Lush
one particular one is vanilla pods, we buy from Uganda
all the money and proceeds we use for this, will go back into the community
back in Uganda, and everyone is happy!
back in Uganda, and everyone is happy!
before we start pouring the Rock Star we put these
these little star soaps into the soap
this is Rock Star soap, and that is how it's made.