COBA History Part 5 [HD]

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That's part of the Sacbe.
'Sac' means white and 'be' means road
In the year 1933 a group of archaeologists were commissioned to explore these Mayan road
And according to them, it is the longest road of the Mayan culture
because it is 100 kilometers long. Not 100 meters, it's 100 kilometers.
Sixty miles approximately, almost 10 meters wide
It's elevated between 20cm and 2-2.5 meters
They built the roads according to the conditons of the terrain, to keep the level
Smooth white roads. They covered the roads with stucco.
The Stucco is like a kind of mortar. It's a white clay powder from the lime stone.
They also used marine shells powdered, chewing gum sap and honey, minerals and saps of different trees
After that they used water to mix all the material to get something like a mortar to pave the roads
And the white color is also visible in the night
The moonlight made the marine shells powder bright and it reflects in the darkness.
The Mayan people didn't have any problem traveling in the darkness. They are very smart people.
And on this road as well, archaeologists have found pieces of cylindrical stone
that they say the Mayans used like a steam roller
to compact the roads and get a smooth flat surface of the road
The beginning of this road is just a few minutes from this part
Like 6 or 7 minutes form this part.
That's the beginning and it goes all the way to the west side
It is built to connect Coba to Yaxuna, another archaeological site now adays.
There is about 17 Kilometers to Chichen Itza to connect to this road
It did not with connect with Chichen Itza. So many people ask why Mayan people from Coba. They never did
See. It's almost like clay. Very soft - silky
That's how the road was elevated.
They had to shape the stones and they they put them together with the same kind of mortar
And the lime stone is fairly soft, so what stone did they use to cut it?
They used obsidian which is a volcanic stone. (Hello folks! How are you! Where you from?)
(Montreal! British Columbia! Kelowna! Beautiful area! So is this! What do you think? It's gorgeous!)
(It's amazing! Much better than Montreal especially weather wize.)
Are those the loud birds?
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