Felicia Day & Sean "Day[9]" Plott Design Perfume

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FELICIA DAY: Good morning, citizens.
The Flog is here to help you start your week off right.
I am Felicia Day.
In this episode I take a friend of mine
to get a nose workout.
But first, here are my trio mios.
Number one is from viewer Duncan.
Pixton.com is an awesome website that allows you to
make your own comics very simply.
You just pick the number of panels, drag the elements into
the panels, and then you write it.
It's that super easy.
Here's mine.
I didn't put a lot of effort into it.
But I figured me side kicking a huge, giant cherub on an
airplane was, you know, that's enough.
My brother, who is a hard core board gamer, recently
introduced me to his favorite board game, Agricola.
It's kind of a complicated German game.
But basically you have a farm.
And you want to have the best farm.
And the way you do that is by raising livestock, or growing
wheat, et cetera.
My favorite part is this little expansion
thing that I bought.
So, when I grow a carrot, I have a little tiny carrot.
Hey, I want to make some bread with the wheat that I grew;
here's a loaf!
The funnest part is when you're doing livestock and
you're really, really focused on hey, are my sheep doing it?
Hey, I want them to do it to make more sheep.
Or hey, I'm going to go do it and make a baby!
It's a super fun game.
So check it out.
Do it!
Number three this week is a dubstep video, Beardyman vs
Doorly - Vampire Skank is about a puppet with a beard in
a cottage with tools and a vampire puppet who looks a lot
like Skrillex visits.
And they miss their mother country music, which turns out
to be underground dubstep
I've heard of Skrillex!

So today, I decided that it would be educational and fun
to learn how to make perfume.
So I'm here at Opus Oils in Hollywood
on Hollywood Boulevard.
And with me is my very good acquaintance.
I am Felicia's associate, Sean.
If you've been on the internet lately, you will
know me as Day 9.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, say it like that again.
FELICIA DAY: So anyway, we're going to go
learn how to make perfume.
Let's go!
So, we're here with Kedra, who is the owner of Opus.
So we're going to step through the processes of making a
customized scent for me and for Sean.
KEDRA HART: The idea with a scent is that there is a top,
a middle, and a bass note.
And each one of those notes, we want to have you like.
Because it's something you're going to be smelling.
It's going to be on you.
FELICIA DAY: Don't tell him what it is.
Don't tell him what it is.
KEDRA HART: I'm not going to tell you what anything is.
FELICIA DAY: That's a good one though.
You kind of have to guess what it is and see if
you like it or not.
SEAN PLOTT: It's going to be something weird.
It's going to be like whale's lip OK, I kind
of recognize this.
It's very sort of like two-week old Halloween candy,
sort of like when all that stuff mixes together.
KEDRA HART: Right on.
It's dark chocolate.
SEAN PLOTT: It doesn't feel very Sean to me.
KEDRA HART: It's just a little too maybe gourmand?
SEAN PLOTT: I'm just a gour-fellow, I guess.
Let's go there then.
SEAN PLOTT: Oh that's lovely.
I don't know what that is.
But I like that.
KEDRA HART: Oh, you like this?
Right on.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, you did.
Your face turned something.
KEDRA HART: That's always when you can tell.
This is actually a base blend.
And it has a bunch of different things in it.
So it has some sandalwood.
It has some vanilla.
It has a little bit of jasmine, a little bit of lily.
Let's say, on a scale from one to five, what is that for you?
SEAN PLOTT: Like a four.
FELICIA DAY: I'm not looking.
Is it something really exotic?

SEAN PLOTT: I don't even know what that is.
FELICIA DAY: That is so weird.
It's like bad gum.
It's like a little, it's like spear--
It's like Juicy Fruit gone bad.
KEDRA HART: OK, that's a no.
What's wrong with it?
What is it?
KEDRA HART: It's a tuberose blend.
It's super strong.
If it's like way over here?
That's the opposite of the good smell face.
FELICIA DAY: Yes, that's neroli.
KEDRA HART: That's a yes?
You know that one.
FELICIA DAY: And neroli is my number one.
KEDRA HART: Now that we've found a couple bass notes that
you like, let's move on to some top notes.
Generally top notes, they do tend to be a lot of citruses.
Don't worry.
You're not going to be like smelling like
an orchard or anything.
People won't salivate around you.
KEDRA HART: You could if you wanted to.
FELICIA DAY: They'll want to squeeze you.
KEDRA HART: OK, so here we go.
SEAN PLOTT: I think that might be my favorite of the day.
KEDRA HART: Wow, have we bumped up?
FELICIA DAY: You bumped it up.

That's so cool.
Because it kind of layers under kind of
like a torte cake.

SEAN PLOTT: Cause people who are watching are just seeing
strips brought to our faces.
FELICIA DAY: I wish they could scratch and sniff the video.
KEDRA HART: Should I telll you what that is?
SEAN PLOTT: Please tell me what that is.
KEDRA HART: Blood orange.
SEAN PLOTT: I will need an extra coating of cougar guard
if I'm putting that on.
KEDRA HART: That's right.
SEAN PLOTT: If I'm hanging out at the DoubleTree, ma'am.
FELICIA DAY: Like a near four.
KEDRA HART: A near four?
I kind of like it.
KEDRA HART: That might be a nice accent in there.
It's a kind of roundy sort of smell.
I don't know what that is.
KEDRA HART: It's a musk note.
It's one of those white musks.
FELICIA DAY: I knew I was musky.
KEDRA HART: So now this is how you might see how that could
work in there.
Gives it a little bit of fullness.
It kind of rounds out.
KEDRA HART: Exactly.
FELICIA DAY: So you still need one middle
note for him, right?
KEDRA HART: We need some sort of middle note.
SEAN PLOTT: That is beautiful.
Yeah, you're blushing.
You're just like flushing.
It's crazy!
SEAN PLOTT: I shivered.
SEAN PLOTT: That's incredible.
KEDRA HART: I think we have a heart note.
You have a heart note.
KEDRA HART: You have a heart.
You have a heart.
KEDRA HART: Oh my god.
FELICIA DAY: Now what is that?
That's oh, jasmine.
KEDRA HART: Let's see how you are on the jasmine garden.
You might like this one too.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, I like jasmine.
Oh that is amazing.
OK, all together.
Like alone, I was like I don't know.
But right now I'm liking this.
SEAN PLOTT: There's the relaxed--
KEDRA HART: That's the right face.
SEAN PLOTT: --where it's like indecision.
Got it.
FELICIA DAY: Does that smell like a lady?
You have to put that on you.
KEDRA HART: Oh yeah.
This is good.
FELICIA DAY: I like it.
It's like a relaxed, come over here and smell my notes.

Are you going to mix it right here?
KEDRA HART: We're going to mix it right here.

KEDRA HART: Yeah, I think that's a good one.
KEDRA HART: Yeah, it's the face.
FELICIA DAY: He's got the Sean, five of five face.
SEAN PLOTT: Oh, ding ding five.
KEDRA HART: Ding ding five.
FELICIA DAY: Ding ding five.
SEAN PLOTT: Ding ding five, darling.
I want it.
KEDRA HART: All right!
FELICIA DAY: So when you go to conventions, you're going to
have people like, hey, nice to meet you.
FELICIA DAY: That's it.
KEDRA HART: That's it?
That's really--
SEAN PLOTT: The look of pure pleasure.
FELICIA DAY: No, smell it.
Smell it.
SEAN PLOTT: The look of pure pleasure where you're like.
FELICIA DAY: Would you say from that I'd
be an exotic flower?
KEDRA HART: Yes you are.
This is very exotic.
FELICIA DAY: Let me bloom.
SEAN PLOTT: While you were doing your stuff, I was just
occasionally like.
FELICIA DAY: You were just sniffing.
I saw you.
SEAN PLOTT: I was just trying to adjust my sideburns just to
have an excuse to have my wrist in my face.
FELICIA DAY: Smell me.
Have some of that.
It smells even better on you!
KEDRA HART: The last thing we've got to do is name them.
SEAN PLOTT: Ding Ding Five.
FELICIA DAY: Ding DIng Five and done.
KEDRA HART: Ding DIng Five.
SEAN PLOTT: Ding Ding Five and finished.
FELICIA DAY: Maybe name it after the show?
The Flog.
If you're going to hit me, hit me with this scent on.
SEAN PLOTT: So good!
FELICIA DAY: She made me bleed.
But it smelled good while she did it.
Wait a minute.
This could turn weird.
We'll get a weird S&M crowd now.
KEDRA HART: Here is your freshly mixed Eau de Flog.
FELICIA DAY: This is amazing.
Thank you so much.
It's real.
That's me in a bottle.
I mean, not really.
KEDRA HART: Sort of.
FELICIA DAY: My nose's expression is in a
bottle right now.
All right, well check out Opus Oils.
And thank you for watching.

Coincidentally, Sean has his hangout at 8:00 tomorrow night
here on Geek & Sundry.
So tune in at 8:00 PM Pacific.
I bet he's wearing his cologne.
And lastly, our Question of Note this week comes from
Tomi-Wan who asks, "If you could make three laws, rules,
or commandments that everybody had to follow, what would they
be?" That's a good one.
Dear Tomi-Wan, Number one, always be on time, or you have
to buy the person you were supposed to meet a cupcake.
Number two, fix your animals.
Yeah I did something serious.
Because stray animals are unnecessary and
make me want to cry.
And number three, if you comment on the internet about
someone, it has to be something you'd say in person
to someone's face with their MMA bodyguard
right behind them.
Sincerely, Felicia Day.
OK, thank you for subscribing.
And when I say that, I mean subscribe.
See you later.