(EXCLUSIVE) Justin Bieber's "Beauty and a Beat" ft. Nicki Minaj - Behind the Scenes [DS2DIO]

Uploaded by DS2DIO on 19.10.2012

TWITCH: Hello out there, internet! CAMERON: You guys probably already know that
I have a very healthy obsession with Justin Bieber. TWITCH: What Cameron's talking about
is our exclusive sneak peak preview into Justin's new music video, "Beauty and the
Beat." Cameron, are you excited? CAMERON: Yes! TWITCH: Okay, cool. Let's take a look.
JON: What's goin' on? I'm with choreographer Nick DeMoura. He has an army of dancers for
"Beauty and the Beat," with Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj. Nick, how you feel right now?
NICK: Nervous and excited...JON: Yes. NICK: all at the same time. I feel like, you know,
we've only had one day to prep like 100 dancers, but it's been going good. I'm kind of excited
at the same time. BIEBER: When I come this way, when I do this, this looks like a great
shot. I need a towel at 106 degrees. JON: Tell us about your assistants, here.
NICK: This is Kevin Maher, everybody. KEVIN: What's up? How's it going? NICK: Amazing choreographer. This is my
really good friend Tucker Barkley here. TUCKER: What up, ya'all? JON: How do you guys break
it up? How do you guys work together. KEVIN: As soon as we got here, we just, I called
it. I got this one. He's like, "I'll take this one," and we just separate and get to work.
JON: How many weeks of rehearsal? NICK: None. Haha. TUCKER: Day and a 1/2? NICK: We've had
a day and 1/2 of rehearsal and we literally shoot tomorrow. BIEBER: Party Rock. One more
time. JON: What's the style of dance in this? What kind of dancers are here tonight?
NICK: We have poppers, we have trickers, we have B-boys, we have synchronized swimmers, we
have aerialists. JON: And explain a little bit what's happening here on this wave pool
out here. NICK: So over here we've got this wave pool, we've got this massive runway.
The biggest fashion show of your life. JON: So what's the biggest challenge in water?
TUCKER: The physicality of dancing in water is so exhausting. KEVIN: It's an extra challenge
for them to keep the grooves looking tight even though there's weight pushing against
them. JON: You know when we first started to conceptualize and figure all this
out, it was all about how do you feel music? What does music look like? And water and dance
just said it all. And the person who is going to capture it all is monsieur Justin Bieber.
TUCKER: It is a lot on his shoulders. NICK: A lot. It's like all on him for this.
JON: "Beauty and the Beat." Heh. Peace.