Trauma Center - Memories & Milestones - Penn State Hershey Medical Center

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[ Sirens ]
[background sirens] It changes the scenery at a hospital significantly when you have
a trauma center and busy emergency room. [background music]
These are very rigid qualifications one has to meet to be a trauma center, an adult trauma
center and secondly as a pediatric trauma center. [music]
But I thought it was essential for residents and medical student training. Everybody has
to learn together.
I think that's the overriding thing, to think about these trauma centers is that you have
to get involved a large number of people.
Back in, I guess it was 1985, the administration here came up with the concept of having an
air medical program.
Life Lion and the role that it plays in the region, again, when there's a serious emergency
those helicopters are there and they can transport you in a matter of minutes back to the medical
center for emergency care.
I'd like to introduce the flight team.
I was fortunate enough to be selected back in 1986 to be one of the first paramedics
to be hired with the Life Lion Air Medical Program here at the Hershey Medical Center.
Numbers on the helicopter are N986LL and the LL is of course Life Lion. You'll note that
it's appropriately painted Penn State blue and white and emblazoned with a Nittany lion
on the side.
[ Music ]
The crew of Life Lion consists of the pilot, whose responsibility is to get us there and
back again safely.
The medical crew consists of a flight nurse and a flight paramedic.
The term Life Lion, by the way, came from a medical student here.
They had a contest to nickname the helicopter and so Chris Eckterling is the one that said
Life Lion so he won the contest.
[background music and noise]
That's Life Lion. It does have a special sound by the way. I mean I can recognize it.
We hear that a lot. It's like I know when Life Lion is coming. I can hear them from
afar. And it does have a unique sound.
That's primarily because of the enclosed tail rotor, referred to as a fenestron and because
of that fenestron it has this high pitched whine to it.
And some people refer to it as the roar of the lion.
[ Noise ]