Insomnia? Sleep Well Every Night with My Good Night Messages & My Inspirational Lullabies

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Got Insomnia? Get a Great Night’s Sleep Every Night with My Good Night Messages™
& My Inspirational Lullabies™ @ Hi. I’m Robin Palmer. Do you have trouble
falling asleep? Do you know anybody who does? We have the solution for you. It’s called
My Good Night Messages™. And we are also recording My Inspirational Lullabies™ to
go with them. Did you know that your mind is the most open
the last five minutes of your day when you are transitioning from your conscious mind
into your subconscious state?
And most people go to sleep with the news. So as Dr. Wayne Dyer says, if you don’t
want to be trying to solve the world’s problems and the murders you just witnessed in your
sleep for the next six to eight hours, don’t watch the news! You can actually program your
mind positively and help yourself to have a good night’s sleep.
We’ve done a lot of research. I’ve partnered with Psychoneurologist, Dr. Sylva Dvorak,
and we’ve created two months of daily five-minute messages to help you to get the good night’s
sleep you’ve always been dreaming of.
Now, the way that I know that these work is because I invented My Wake UP Call® messages,
which help you to wake up and have a wonderful day. And people have told us that it’s changed
their lives. We had a med student last week tell us that we got him through med school.
So your first five minutes of your day your mind is also the most open when you are transitioning
from your subconscious to your conscious state. Well, with so many people having so many sleep
issues we know that those last five minutes of the day are just as important, if not more
important. So, we did a lot of research and we compiled all of these 5-minute messages
on mp3s or CDs, with CD alarm clocks, with iPod Docks, or downloads for any Smartphones.
Do you know what else? Most of the lullabies are so dark. We always put music with our
messages. So we were looking for some beautiful lullabies to add to our messages. And every
lullaby we found - Do you know “Go Tell Aunt Rodie?”
So it goes, “Go tell Aunt Rodie. Go tell Aunt Rodie. Go tell Aunt Rodie the old gray
goose is dead.” Good night. Sleep well. Have good dreams. ‘Right? Wrong!
So I recorded two albums before. I actually starred in Broadway musicals for 15 years.
I was Linda Ronstadt’s little sister in The Pirates of Penzance with Kevin Kline,
I co-starred with David Cassidy in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. And
I sang Memory in CATS. So for 15 years, I sang on Broadway.
And now I’ve written and we’re recording My Inspirational Lullabies™ to go with My
Good Night Messages™, so you get the greatest night sleep and you get positive lullabies
to go to sleep with, instead of “When the bow breaks the cradle with fall and down will
come baby, cradle and all.” Goodnight!
Millions of people are suffering from sleep deprivation and from not being able to go
to sleep at night. And it’s causing a lot of traffic accidents. It’s causing people
to have all of these health issues. Obesity is huge. And one of the number one factors
is actually sleep deprivation.
And all of the remedies out there with the medications, they are not a good solution
because you need to have R.E.M., you need to have a sleep cycle. And those medications
just make you crash and you don’t get to have a good night’s sleep. Well, we have
a lot of guided medications, tips and tools that are proven to actually give you the good
night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of. Please help us to get them out to people.
We really appreciate you. Thank you so much for watching. See you soon.