【PV】Everyday、カチューシャ / AKB48[公式]

Uploaded by AKB48 on 15.07.2011

Everyday, Katyusha
When the sun starts
to beat down
Changing into a pure white T-shirt now
I want to invite you to go somewhere
By the coast
On the national highway
Getting on the bus with open seats
Chasing after the wind
Faster than anyone
We look for summer
Next to the heart
Watching the same views
For many years, we stay
just friends
Katyusha, taking it off
You suddenly turn around
and just smile in the wind
Somehow I cannot say anything
though I think about you very much
Katyusha, Taking it off
Like untying your long hair
You become an adult all too soon
Like I can't reach you
I love you more
Everyday, Everyday, Everyday
Katyusha girl
The beaches
resemble you
I can't walk as I want
Upcoming waves
While we keep away
Our footsteps
were erased
The sure things
I don't want it at all
With you being innocent
If I can come to the beach next year
You wearing Katyusha
I’ve been in love with you for a long time
From the day we met in the same class
till today you become beautiful... always…
Seasons many times they pass...
You wearing Katyusha
No one can match to you
It looks most cute on you in the world
The angel's halo setting on your hair
I do not want you
to change it forever
I love you
I can't say any words
I love you
My feelings
I love you
Like getting tanned
Love is certainly something
and someday will be realized
Everyday, Everyday, Everyday
Katyusha girl