Video-Special · Beneath a Steel Sky

Uploaded by SqrPulse on 28.10.2012

The old man was trying to tell the future.
Looking for pictures in the campfire.
Oh, I see evil … evil, born deep beneath the city …
Far from the light of day …
I see it growing, safe beneath a sky of steel …
Scheming in the dark … gathering strength …
And now … oh, now the evil spreads!
It sends deadly feelers over the land above …
Across the gap … reaching towards this very place!
I'd seen him do this a hundred times, but I humoured him.
After all, he'd been like a father to me.
And what does this evil want here?
Oh, my son, I fear … I fear the evil wants you!
That was when Joey piped up …
Sensors detect incoming audio source!
The evil! The evil is nearly here …
It sounded more like a copter than a demon.
But the next thing, all hell let loose anyway …
Run, Foster! Run! Hide from the evil!
Foster! Help!
Better make my next body move faster, Foster …
He was only a robot, but … well, I loved the little guy.
Then, as suddenly as it started, the shooting stopped.
There was a moment's silence as the copter cut its roters, then …
Whoever is in charge here, come forward … Now!
Only a fool would've argued with that firepower.
I am the leader of these people … We are peaceful …
Bring him here.
At once, Commander Reich.
We're looking for someone. Someone who doesn't belong here, …
… who wasn't born in this garbage dump, …
… who came from the city as a child …
We want to take him home again.
My mind racing. I remembered where I'd seen that symbol before …
It was the day the tribe found me, …
… the day of the crash, …
… the day my mother died.
You alright, city boy? Got a name, son?
Ha! Welcome to the gap, Robert!
As he patched me up, the old man had gently explained that there was no way back into the city …
And I already knew there was nothing he could do for mother.
His tribe was poor, but they treated me like one of their own …
I learned how to survive in the wasteland they called the gap, …
… and scavenging from the city dumps.
As the years passed, I forgot my life in the city, discovered new talents, …
Ha! – I'm your friend. Call me Joey.
… and got a second name.
This is what we'll call you, now that you've come of age, son!
We found you, fostered you, so that makes you Robert Foster!
Wasted enough time!
Give us the runaway, or we'll shoot everyone! – Starting with you, Grandad!
The old man had been right for once … it was me they wanted.
No, my son! Don't let the evil take you! Run!
DNA scan confirms it's him, Sir.
Evil had come to the gap, just as he said.
Take him!
But had the old man seen why it wanted me? Or what it would do next?
It was too late to ask him now.
Leaving destruction zone, Commander Reich.
Good, detonate …
Much too late.
Why you murdering?
Keep him quiet!
All I could do was wait. Just like on a hunt. Just like the old man taught me.
Wait … and be ready.
It was dawn when we reached the city.
Land in the central security compound.
A dawn my tribe would never see.
They were no more than a note in Reich's book now.
Yes, Sir. Locking on automatic landing beacon.
But what was I? Why did …
Sir! The guidance system! It's gone crazy!
We're going to hit!
Maybe I'd get some answers now.
If I survived another copter crash …
Who you want?
Looking for a saboteur from the gap.
He crashed a chopper and escaped.
Oh … sounds dangerous to me.
Don't worry, he's not going anywhere.
We cut the power to the elevator and the crash has blocked the walkway.
What if he comes in here?
You'll be fine. We posted guards.
And Reich wants to hunt him down personally.
Reich, huh? This guy must be important.
Yeah, we got orders direct from Linc.
Take him alive before he does any more damage.
Best of luck to you!
These guys are around to get me, but why? They already destroyed my home and my people.
Well, Reich … whoever you are, it's retribution time!
Gotta be clever and play with their own game. First thing is to get Joey runnig again.
"Fire exit – Do not obstruct!"
"Key available on presentation of requisition form SOS23."
Shut tight. Just as well there isn't a fire.
Who's up there? You won't escape that way!
He must've jumped – fell all the way to ground level.
Phew, lucky escape!
It's wheezing and banging, like an asthmatic dinosaur in the mating season.
It's a robot shell – rusty, but it might work.
Welcome back, Joey!
Is this the best shell you could find?
Listen, we're in deep trouble …
You've turned me into a vacuum cleaner!
It's functional, don't be ungrateful!
Now, I don't know where we are or why we were brought here, but I intend to get some answers.
I've got a weird reading from my scanner …
We're 120 meters above the ground!
We've go to find a way down and keep out of the way of security.
There's no obvious reason why this droid isn't working.
Hey, what you're doing?
Weren't you told? Routine inspection.
Well, keep off that elevator!
Your weight set the alarm off and I can't concentrate with all that noise!
The old guy's right, you moron! That lift's designed for light machinery, not a hulking animal like you.
Where did you get that robot?
I built him. Like it?
It's crap, son!
Excuse me …
What now?
Where am I?
You're in the Union City recycling plant.
Do you buy scrap metal?
I don't wanna be recycled, Rob! I like this shell, really!
What's the best way out of the city?
You have to get to ground level first.
You're at the top of eyrie tower block.
Can't I use your elevator?
No, you can't. He's not built for humans. And besides, it only goes down to the furnace.
So how do I get to ground level?
There's an elevator out on the walkway.
'Course you can't reach it right now.
Why not?
'Cause Reichs boys are guarding the exit in the plant.
How come your elevator's not working?
It's activated automatically by the transport robot.
What's wrong with the transport?
It's broken down … again …
It's probably the Doppler charge inducer, but I don't have got time to mend it now.
What did security want?
After a saboteur. You've seen anything suspicious?
I saw a wrecked helicopter.
Yeah, it seems it blocked the walkway. So we stuck in this block.
I'll get on with my inspection.
You do that, son.
What tools does that shell have?
None of any use, unless you're into housework.
I got an onboard buffing and polishing tool and an extendable probe.
Can you start that transport?
How do you expect me to do that? I'm just a cleaning droid, remember?
It's the …uh… Knopfler charge reducer…thingy …
In that case, all it needs is a jump start.
This is embarrasing, Foster!
You're not gonna watch, are you?
I always suspected you of being a voyeur!
Come on, just do it!
Here it goes …
There … How was it for you?
That thing's watching me. Good thing I'm naturally photogenic.
No buttons, just a thin slot.
Can you open that door?
I'll give it a try.
No sudden moves, Overman!
Get over to the furnace!
You're Officer Reich, I presume.
You've made a mistake! I'm not Overman!
Linc, we can't let him escape!
What the hell is going on?
Reich seems pretty cut up about it.
But he's given me two leads: Overman and Linc.
He was carrying an ID card. The card may be useful.
And I'll take his dark glasses, too.
We're way up in the clouds, Joey! We need to find a way to the ground!