My Shining Girl Ep 5-2 (English Subs)

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So in other words, Kangmin is expected to shoot travel documentaries, is that right?
Yes. Like Ewan McGregor.
I suppose going to a secluded location in Europe for two months is something pretty big to brag about.
Really worthy of a big star!
Kangmin is going to have to appear a lot smarter than he looks. He's going to have to re-evaluate himself.
The company also told him he had to work on it.
However, isn't that documentary's script the one Kangmin instructed you to do?
When it comes to analyzing the situation before and after, that script is still mine!
Ah, the European landscape! I'm at the agricultural front now!
My fingers are just itching!
It feels as if once I start, fantastic lines will come spewing out!
I'll be very diligent starting today!
But, what are you going to do about your work at the tv station?
I was fired.
Is that so?
Even though I was fired, they all still wanted to eat together.
Are you going to go eat with them today?
Give this to Yong Woo.
What is it?
Yong Woo's birthday present
You give it to him.
But you said you were meeting him.
Just give it while you stop by. Please.
Eat lots of good food, it's his birthday.
Yong Woo likes sashimi, but of course you know that.
Yah! How can I eat the food he likes? I'm want to eat food I like!
If there's a particularly special dish I want to eat, I'll definitely eat it!
It's raining a quite a bit.
How about ramen? I want to eat ramen.
I originally invited you out to eat sashimi. Let's go eat sashimi.
Actually, today is...
How can you eat sashimi on a rainy day?
On a day like this if you eat bad food, it's easy to get food poisoning.
However, if today I have to, I'll eat sashimi.
We could also go eat ramen...
This ramen is really delicious!
Eat your fill!
You must eat ramen on such a day as today.
And what day would today be?
A rainy day
It's just our luck it's pouring rain.
Today is really an unlucky day, isn't it?
Since we've eaten what I wanted to eat,
if you still want, we can go eat sashimi.
I say, after we've eaten ramen, how can we also eat sashimi?
If you don't want to eat, forget it.
Thank you for your hospitality.
It seems like today will not be the last time we meet.
So I'll slowly say my goodbyes.
Then, see you later!
Although, I really don't wish to see you.
It's stopped raining! What a lucky girl I am!
I don't believe you were unaware of the situation you caused.
What did you say?
From the past till now you've always had a vile side.
Take this back to Kkotnim. When you do, your heart should feel good.
When you handed it to me your feelings became very clear.
So these returned feelings should not make you feel bad.
So enjoy it as much as you like!
Some people...
Why does everyone have something against me?
Sunbae, is something the matter?
Why do you have that look on your face?
Oh? Nothing's wrong.
Doesn't Kangmin have a meeting in Japan?
He does. The exact time has not come out, but I heard it's in the Spring.
Although I do not dare to expect any exclusivity,
but can't you tell me a couple days before the news comes out?
Do I have that kind of capability?
I'm sending your gift back.
And only accepting your intentions.
Next time, I won't even receive those.
Ah! It's cold! It's cold!
What took you so long?
It's your fault for waiting at the curb.
Kkotnim's drunk. We have to go deal with it.
You only called me in order to take her home?
No way. You go by yourself.
What else was I supposed to do, I already said on the phone we'd come.
As soon as she starts drinking she only talks about No Yong Woo's problems.
No way! No way!
I knew you would do this, so I didn't even bring my own car.
I'm not going. I'm not going. Get out.
That person is unable to clean up that mess.
Ugh! Really troublesome!
She really knows how to enjoy herself.
I'm going.
Wait a bit!
Kkotnim originally couldn't dance like that.
She learned, with Hyorin
Did she also learn drinking from Hyorin?
Smelly girl. You ended up bringing me here to make me look silly while watching you having fun!
You're really making fun of me. I'm leaving.
You can look after her.
I got it. I'll get her and bring her out.