Properly setting up Wi-Fi Calling - Samsung Galaxy S 4G

Uploaded by samsungspstv on 02.04.2012

Wi-Fi Calling is a great feature on your Samsung Galaxy S 4G.
Watch this video to properly set up Wi-Fi Calling.
To start, touch Applications from any home screen.
Then select Wi-Fi Calling.
If you are not currently connected to Wi-Fi, you will need to connect at this time.
To do so, touch Wi-Fi settings.
Then turn Wi-Fi on by touching the empty checkbox next to Wi-Fi.
A green checkmark means that Wi-Fi is on.
Next, select your access point from the list below.
Then if prompted, enter your password.
Now press the back button.
To activate Wi-Fi Calling, slide the blue bar to the right.
When Wi-Fi Calling is active, you will see the Wi-Fi Calling symbol in the notifications panel.
Note that when making Wi-Fi calls, there are connection preferences that could affect your call.
Touch menu.
Then touch Settings.
Now, select Connection preferences.
Make sure to select Wi-Fi Preferred or Cellular Preferred to avoid losing signal.