Google Nexus 7 Tablet First Look and Set-Up

Uploaded by HeelsAndTech on 20.07.2012

Hi Guys. I have here the Google Nexus 7 tablet.
This is Google’s first own brand tablet, And you can see the Nexus logo here,
And also the tablet edge in the picture making the number 7,
Showing it’s a 7 inch screen tablet, Same size as Amazon’s Kindle Fire.
It’s not actually manufactured by Google. It’s made by Asus, who’ve been doing pretty
well in the Android tablet market.
You can see some of the specs on the back of this outer sleeve.
It’s made for Google Play. It’s got a quad core processor, front-facing
camera, and 7 inch HD display And it comes loaded with the latest Android
4.1, Jelly Bean. Also, this version I have here is the 16 gigabyte
And that’s everything on this outer grey sleeve.
It’s a nice design, simple and to the point. The actual box is inside and you need to push
it out. It’s a little tricky because the sleeve’s
on quite tight. Google probably wanted to make sure everything
stayed together in one piece until it reached the person who bought it.
So that’s the sleeve off, And you get this black box with just the nexus
logo on it. It’s a really sturdy box, and feels premium.
I guess that’s a good omen for what’s inside.
It’s well sealed with black tape on both sides.
That just needs to be cut open.
The box is a little fiddly to open Trying to pull it open doesn’t work
Placing it on the table and wiggling the top loose does the trick.
And there you have it, the Nexus 7. First thing you notice is that it’s all
glass on the front, With no physical buttons.
When you take it out, it actually fits quite well in the hand
Nice and portable for a tablet.
I’ll come back to that in a minute, Let’s see what else is included in the package
So you get this black mini box tucked into the larger one
And everything else is inside it. That’s quite nice.
There’s a few things in here. There are a couple of booklets.
The warranty booklet And then this quick start guide, which has
some information in it if you need it. Next you get a USB cable; the micro USB for
the tablet and the standard size USB on the other end.
And the last thing is the charger It’s in two parts
The one I have here is the UK version And the charger part is in the other side
of the box
So you can see this is the UK three pin charger And the other part has the USB port
They slot together quite easily.
And that’s everything inside the box.
Coming back to the tablet. We can take a proper look at the screen once
the plastic cover is off. It really does feel nice to hold.
This is actually an LCD screen, and it has 1280 x 800 HD resolution, and Gorilla glass.
Right at the top you can see the front facing camera and light sensor
And then at the side you’ve got the power button and the volume rocker.
The back has a large Nexus logo And it’s got this pitted surface that gives
it a very textured feel. It’s plastic, but the texture makes it feel
more rubbery.
I’m going to switch it on for the first time here
And you get the Google logo as you wait Followed by the Nexus one for a while
And then there’s the welcome screen that takes you into the setup with all the different
language options.
Once you finish setup you get a bit of a bonus from Google
By way of £15 worth of credit in your Google Play account.
I think it’s $25 in the US. You also get an email confirmation of that.
Well that’s definitely made up for the nearly dead battery.
Once you get past the setup stage, You get this initial helpful tips overlay
Click ‘OK’ and you get to see the actual display.
It’s looking quite nice at first glance, Sharp text and really nice colours.
Scrolling seems smooth as well.
I’ll be using this tablet over the next few days and finding out a bit more about
it. Then I’ll post an in-depth review detailing
any pros and cons that I come across. So stay tuned for that video.
And I’ll see you then Bye